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Humanist Press and Our Humanist Websites

Posted: Fri, March 25, 2016 | By: Humanism campaigns for funding for our 2015-2016 projects, BiZoHa Orphanage, BiZoHa Orphanage School, and Kahendero Humanist Nursery School. This website also raises funds for Mother Givers School in Buhanga. We offer student sponsorships ($125 annually), orphan sponsorships ($250 annually), and we request help with building expenses. Book purchases for students are also available. solicits donations from generous donors for four schools in western Uganda that teach Humanist Principles. The four schools are Rays of Light Orphanage Humanist School, Vision Care Humanist School, Mughete Junior Humanist School, and Mother Givers Humanist School. We provide older girls at these schools with AFRIpads, we provide food for lunch, we pay a humanist teacher to explain our principles, we provide free medical care, and science equipment.

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