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Humanist Missionaries in Uganda ‘converting’ Bakonzo village

Posted: Fri, April 22, 2016 | By:

We’re Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) - NPO creator of “BiZoHa” - the world’s first atheist/humanist orphanage. Our websites are: / /

TOP ACHIEVEMENT THIS WEEK: Darren Muise donated money for piping; now villagers in Buhanga are digging a 3-mile long trench to deliver fresh water to their village from up-the-mountain. Thanks Darren! (photo below)

OUR NEW GOAL: We “CONVERTED” four schools in Uganda - they’re adopting Humanism! Abandoning religion at their schools, and accepting the ideas promoted in The Code for Global Ethics: Ten Humanist Principles. We’re sending their teachers Humanist Lectures to teach to the students.

The Four New Humanist Schools are in Kyarumba & Buganda - in the Rwenzori foothills (they’re all members of the BaKonzo tribe) The schools are: Mothers Givers Humanist School, Rays of Light Orphanage Humanist School, Mughete Junior Humanist School, Vision Care Humanist School.

OUR FIRST RESPONSIBILITY IS: the Ugandan school children are HUNGRY. Many only get one meal a day, many have peptic ulcer disease (caused by malnutrition - 55 cases at one of our clinics).

BBI will provide the eager humanist learners with FREE LUNCH so they can concentrate, be physically healthy, and absorb the humanist ideals.

Can you help? Send what you can afford to THIS LINK or send $40 to THIS LINK

Will they APPRECIATE your kindness? YES

Our plan is to:

1) FEED the humanist schoolchildren

2) provide them with Free Clinics (we do this already)

3) purchase them books (more on this soon)

4) purchase them AFRIpads (we do this already!)

5) rebuild their schools. Classrooms are now made of mud and branches…

The classroom above is “Temporary.” Want to help students get educated in a stronger building? You can help us construct brick classrooms - Donate HERE

Here’s another photo of happy Ugandan kids eating BBI-provided food:

That’s our plan: Food, Health, Buildings, Books, Humanism.

YOU LOVE BOOKS?! - you can provide children at Mother Givers Humanist School with a wide choice of fabulous reading material, via our Scholastic Books account.

Thanks immensely for your help.

Donations to BBI receive a tax deductible receipt in 48 hours

PLUS, every contribution receives a “gift” : humanist e-books, humanist t-shirts, your name on a plaque or a classroom, a photo of children holding a thank you card addressed to you.

Questions? email We always need help !

FINAL NOTE: we’re publishing an e-book collection of essays by Nigerian Humanist Leo Igwe. You can preorder the book HERE. (Leo’s photo below)


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