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Humanism Taught at Kanyenze Humanist Primary School

Posted: Thu, June 08, 2017 | By: Kanyenze Humanist School

This is a brief report following a training about Humanism at our school.

It was conducted by Mr. Masereka Sebastiano as the lead facilitator who trained in both the English and the local language for our children to understand exactly
the content he was delivering.

This training was participatory as some of the children were asked some simple questions to concerning what they had in mind about Humanism as you may see in the photo below.

Teachers also attended in order to be equipped with the whole doctrine about humanism principles. You can see some of the teachers and children in the training room.

However some of the children requested that Sebastiano should be arranging more trainings in future atleast every term to remind them and to inform new comers about how good Humanism is.

Children appreciated more since they attained additional understanding about Humanism principles and they thanked the funders through Atheist Community of San Jose for the support of the training.

On behalf of Kanyenze Humanist Primary School, I once again thank you for this wonderful support towards the progress of our school. Also below are some of the receipts for stationary of the training, voucher for the trainer and the medicine for our clinic


Loice Ngunguro



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