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Humanism now taught at Garama Secondary School in Kisinga

Posted: Sat, April 22, 2017 | By: Garama Secondary Humanist School

​by Peter Muhindo

After receiving Lilly Rice Report about her observation while in Garama. We have employed headteacher who is a humanist and he has a good experience about humanism and he has stayed with humanists in Rwanda for good years.

We have began teaching the teachers and also sensitizing them on what it means by teaching at humanist school and we have agreed with them that whoever will not follow the principles of Humanism will have to leave our school.

We are also organizing a joint meeting for Teachers, parents and Children on our Humanist values and ensure that our parents/guardians understands what humanist school needs out of them.

This teaching of teachers was done by Cathy, Muhindo Moses the new Head Teacher and Peter.

See the attached photos.

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Thank you

Biira Cathy

Mosese Muhindo
Mosese Muhindo


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