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Honorary Fellows

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Honorary Fellows of the Brighter Brains Institute (Fellows involved in previous activities)


Meredith Newman Debens lives in Australia, where she was raised on a dairy farm. She worked as a teacher-librarian and was the instigator of the Mobile Area Resource Centre (MARC) which addressed the imbalance between services for isolated rural communities and metropolitan schools. She drove a truck that provided library services to 12 schools, as MARC was extended to 240 schools. After resigning from teaching, she worked as a dive shop and boat charter owner/operator, electoral official, and market researcher, and she studied horticulture. Meredith was a generous contributor to BiZoHa Orphanage School and to Mother Givers Humanist School projects.

Melissa McAllister - is an American who lives in Germany. She has been a frequent fundraiser for BBI’s Ugandan projects; she launched several crowd fund campaigns to gain revenue for Kasese Humanist Primary School activities.

Zoltan Istvan - is a transhumanist fiction writer and journalist, plus he was the 2016 Transhumanist Party candidate for USA President. Zoltan helped launch the very successful GoFundMe campaign to build BiZoHa Orphanage, with an article in MotherboardVice. He is the “Zo” in BiZoHa.

Alexey Turchin is author of “Structure of the Global Catastrophe. Risks of human extinction in the XXI century” and numerous articles on existential risks. He studied Physics and Art History at Moscow State University. Since 2010, he has worked at the Science for Longer Life Foundation where he wrote a book “Future Studies” with Michael Batin. He is presently working on the book ‘‘Immortality”. He is one of the founders of Longevity Party, and the founder of Stop Existential Risks on Facebook. He organized the first ever street action in the USA for Life Extension at Googleplex in Feb. 2014 and he’s led multiple other actions in additional nations.

Marc Howard is an American expat now living in Istanbul. Marc quit his corporate consulting job, hitchhiked 300 miles then was inspired to travel the world and learn how to make a living remotely. As an avid biohacker Marc is an advocate for personal experimentation and exploring the boundaries of the mind. He is proud to admit that the more he learns the less he truly knows. He blogs at

Franco Cortese - Affiliate Scholar of IEET, member ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans, Editor of Longevitize!

Anna Aberg - director of DON’T FORGET ME - Swedish organization for the Alzheimer’s Disease community

Gary Glazner is founder and Executive Director of the “Alzheimer’s Poetry Project”.

Rosalina Melendres - president and founder of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy and other private schools for tribal children in Oriental Mindoro, the Philippines. She pursued master units in child psychology at the Philippine Normal University, Manila, where she also completed her specialization course for preschool children. She has devoted her life to helping the underprivileged children of Oriental Mindoro, and she has also worked as a vocation promoter since 1987. She is a Catholic lay-person.


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