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Here’s what Nyakiyumbu Widows realized after taking the Critical Thinking Workshop

Posted: Thu, February 08, 2018 | By: Past Projects

​by Nyesi

Regarding what the Nyakiyumbu women and one men said in the workshop;

1. Some Nyakiyumbu Community members used to believe albino people were born by evil spirits who impregnated their mothers at night times. Other people believe albino people are children of the oceanic creature the octopus. From the seminar, they now regard them as people and promise to treat them like others.

2. They also said spending time on church issues wastes time. They gave an example of someone who commits him/her self in church activities for three to four months which is a full season, this creates hunger cases in his/her family when others are spending time trying their best to fight famine.

3. Another participant said they were deceived that our King contributes towards crop growing. We are told that unless the king performs traditional rituals, no rain can be seen. She said she learnt from the workshop that is this is untrue - even after he was crowned king, we remained in a very serious drought. She concluded that she will never believe in him and in any one who tells her such related things because growing and losing crops depends on the weather.

4. Another participant said in the recent massacre of our people in Kasese Municipality, the royal guards were deceived to believe in the magic of traditional medicine, that would protect them from being injured by bullets during the fight. They believed that but all a sudden, they lost their dear ones out of ignorance. The participant who said that testified he was to engage in the battle with his brother after both of them had been injected with that magic medicine, and his biological brother was shot dead. He said from today (the day of the workshop), he would never believe in traditional magic and that he will advise his children to do the same.

5. Another participant said a man called Kikamba in Nyakiyumbu said he was a rain maker and they could offer him goats and hens and this man will make the rain and help crops survive but after the gifts were offered there was still no rain. She said that she now believes that there is no rain maker but only the weather conditions.

6. Other participants said that they will also no longer believe in the witch doctors. That when one goes to witch doctors they say they are giving them medicine but in actual sense they mix ash with water and ask the sick to drink deceiving them that it is medicine and eventually the sickness worsens.

7. Some participants also said they can no longer believe in people who say that it is necessary to fast and therefore, they do not eat for a good number of days and then there is developing the problem of ulcers.


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