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Help Transhumanists start a Computer Training School in Masaka, Uganda

Posted: Thu, December 04, 2014 | By: Past Projects

<p>Roger Hansen, plus the Mormon Transhumanist Association and Brighter Brains Institute, are co-sonsoring a campaign <b><i>to elevate digital literacy in Uganda by establishing a computer laboratory in Masaka that offers low-tuition classes. (</i></b>Masaka is a town of 70,000 people located 120 km south of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The East Africa nation of 36 million people is one of the poorest nations in the world, with a GDP per capita of $571.68 per year.)</p>

<p> We have located a secure and modern place for the lab - three rooms in an LDS chapel. </p>

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<blockquote><p><b><i>you can Donate at our Indiegogo campaign <a href=“”>HERE</a></i></b></p>


<p> To create our computer lab, we will install a high-speed Internet connection and purchase (or receive via donation) five ChromeBooks, one laptop, one printer, one projector, one digital camera, one screen, and miscellaneous supplies. </p>

<p> Providing Computer Literacy in Uganda offers Multiple Benefits:</p>

<blockquote><p>1) Ugandans with computer skills can procure well-paid employment in this understaffed job market. <i>The need for qualified tech-savvy staff is exploding due to broadband initiatives like the fiber optic lines from Mombasa, Kenya.</i> The vast majority of Ugandan computer learning centers are in metropolitan Kampala - our goal is to affordably train people outside the capital. </p>

<figure style=“text-align: center; float: right;”><img alt=“Masaka, Uganda” src=“”><figcaption>Masaka, Uganda</figcaption>


<p> 2) Ugandans with computer skills can obtain life-saving knowledge via reading on the internet. <i>For example, Uganda has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world - 7.2% of the population</i> - but HIV/AIDS is still rising in prevalence, due to lack of knowledge regarding safe sex. <i>Uganda also has one of the lowest life expectancies</i> in the world, due to inadequate health education.</p>

<p> 3) <i>Uganda has one of the fastest-growing “</i><a href=“” title=”“><i>Lion Economies</i></a><i>” in the world</i>, but the business sector would thrive more robustly if they were fully interconnected with global markets. Uganda presently has almost zero exports to <a href=“” title=”“>two potentially huge</a> markets: India and the USA </p>


<p> Our lab classes will include standard computer training, such as Khan Academy courses. </p>

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<p> Our director will be <b>Judith Nalube</b> (pictured) </p>

<p> Judith is an orphan - Uganda has one of the highest rates of orphans in thew orld, largely due to HIV/AIDS. She was sheltered and educated at Byana Mary Hill Orphanage and Primary School, an institute run by renegade Catholic nuns. She graduated from a Ugandan university with a BS in economics. <i>She has superlative computer skills, solid teaching experience, and she speaks excellent English. </i> </p>

<p> Here is our Maska Computer Training School Budget:</p>

<blockquote><p>Total Budget: $5,600</p>


<li>Internet equipment and installation: $300</li>

<li>Internet connection for one year: $600</li>

<li>ChromeBooks: 5@$200 each = $1,000 (donated)</li>

<li>Laptop: $500 (donated)</li>

<li>Printer: $200</li>

<li>Projector and screen: $500 (donated)</li>

<li>Secure cabinet: $200</li>

<li>Supplies for one year: $300</li>

<li>Contribution to director’s salary: $2,000 </li>


<p> Already donated: $2,000</p>

<p> Still Needed: <b>$3,600</b></p>

<p> <b><i>Donate <a href=“” title=”“>HERE</a></i></b></p>


<p> Uganda Representative:</p>


<li>Judith Nalube - <a href=“” title=”“></a> </li>


<p> USA representatives:</p>

<p> Co-Managers of this campaign</p>


<li>Roger Hansen - <a href=“”></a> / 801-379-1170</li>

<li>Hank Pellissier - <a href=“”></a> / 415-309-3505</li>



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