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SUCCESS! Kikoy Dresses sold & delivered to Uganda Orphan Girls

Posted: Mon, November 24, 2014 | By: Kasese (Uganda)

Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) and Kasese Humanist Primary School (KHPS) just completed a very successful campaign!

In just 16 days, $900 was raised from generous donors via a GoFundMe campaign. This enabled 88 kikoy dresses to be sewn up; 78 were delivered to Ugandan orphan girls in three locations: Nyakiyumba Widows Orphanage, Kasese Humanist Primary School, and COISER Orphanage in Jinja.

10 dresses were mailed to USA contributors who wanted them for their daughters.

How did BBI conduct this campaign?

Initially, BBI gave $1,073 in start-up funding to KHPS director Bwambale Robert. He purchased East African kikoy cloth with this amount and hired two tailors. They began sewing the dresses; when about 35 dresses were complete the campaign was launched.

Donors contributed $12 per dress. The kikoy dresses cost $6.50 in materials and labor. Another $1.50 was spent on transferring/ wiring fees. Delivering dresses to the orphan girls cost about $1 per dress. The remaining $3.00 per dress was donated to the 34 orphans of Kasese Humanist Primary School to pay tuition, meals and rooming.

Donors received the following:

  • Thank You note from a campaign director
  • Photograph of an orphan girl wearing one of the dresses - holding a Thank You poster addressed to them
  • HTML copy of the upcoming books “Orphans of Rwenzori - a humanist perspective” - and “Orphans of Africa” authored by the directors of the campaign.

After 88 dresses were sold, it was determined that $199 in funds and material for 29 dresses remained. Brighter Brains Institute donated the money and fabric to Kasese Humanist Primary School. KHPS used these resources to make short for orphans at their school, and to make outfits for their drama group of 20 students. BBI money to KHPS was also used to purchase holiday presents for KHPS staff members - soap bars, sugar, salt, and rice.

Here are some shocking facts about orphans in Uganda:

Uganda has 3.5 million orphans - almost 10% of the population. Children are parentless due to AIDS, violence, accidents, and abandonment. In Kasese district - near the Congo border - the orphan rate is 13%, due to more HIV/AIDS, and regional civil wars in the last decade.

An orphan’s life in the impoverished nation is difficult. Uganda’s per capita income is $567 per year; rural income is half that. Education for orphans is limited. When they “age out” of orphanages, many become “street kids ” sniffing glue, stealing, scavenging in garbage dumps, begging. Among girls, 60% end up in prostitution, where the HIV/AIDS rate is 37%.

Small Ugandan orphans are often naked; girls’ dresses are frequently old pillowcases.

orphans scavenging in Jinja, Uganda
orphans scavenging in Jinja, Uganda

There are hundreds of orphanages in Uganda - the majority are poor facilities where children receive inadequate care with meager supplies. Many are subjected to illness, filth, malnutrition, sexual abuse, and child trafficking (slavery).


Brighter Brains Institute thanks our donors for their warm and generous assistance!

Co-directors of the campaign were:

Bwambale Robert Musubaho — director of Kasese Humanist Primary School, author of the upcoming book “Orphans of Rwenzori - a humanist perspective.”

Hank Pellissier - director of Brighter Brains Institute; author of the upcoming book “Orphans of Africa.”

for more information:

To view the “expired” campaign, Click Below


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