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Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group Progress Report On Shopping Bags Making Project May 16, 2018

Posted: Wed, May 16, 2018 | By: Buhanga (Uganda)

Below is the form that is to be filled out every month, by any individual or group that receives funding from Brighter Brains Institute for a project.

Please include answers to all the questions below.

EXPENSES - list everything BBI money was spent on, with its cost and other details

1. Trainer allowance and Transport for 13 days =390,000

2. Funds to purchase materials i.e 21 rolls =1,260,000

3. Transport involved during purchasing =50,000

4. Withdraw charges 19,800

Total expenses=1,719,800

INCOME FOR THE MONTH - report all the money that the project made, and explain how it happened, what market you used, who the customers were, etc.

In this project the total investment was 1,726,100

This Month involved a comprehensive training that took 13 days. Project has so far made a profit of Ugx 120,000.This money was got from weaving and selling 120 bags.

Women produce shopping bags/baskets as the people around us buy them. Also some business men and women from Kyarumba are always buying them.

Each bag is sold at Ugx 5000.

PROFIT OR LOSS FOR THE MONTH—report how much money remains from the original investment by Brighter Brains Institute, and how it will be spent. If the project is making money, predict how much more it will make in the future.

From the original investment, there remains Ugx 6,300.We shall add some money and add more rolls/materials.

We predict that the project might make profits of Ugx 170,000 to 300,000 monthly.

MARKETING PLAN - explain how you are selling your product or service and how you intend to do this in the future

As we work, we see people from around our community and from Kyarumba trading centre coming to buy.

We in future want to also do advertisement especially when we have started producing more bags than can be consumed in Buhanga and Kyarumba.

CONTACT - list all people involved in the project, or who helps as a consultant.

So far we have one consultant, Mrs. Max Emelda. She has finished coaching us and we have also started producing bags on our own.

WAYS TO IMPROVE? - list all new ideas you have on how to make the business successful.

We would like to learn other designs in future; we will have to learn from other sources since we have realized that Max Emelda Knows one common design.



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