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Hank Pellissier’s “Very Long” Resume

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Hank Pellissier - 425 Moraga Avenue, Piedmont CA 94611 / / @hankpellissier / 415 309 3505



Interviewed By & Featured In:

Administrator / Consultant



  • “Local Intelligence” – weekly columnist for New York Times / Bay Citizen
  • Affiliate Scholar - for the think tank Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology
  • - frequent contributor
  • “Naked World” – daily columnist for
  • wrote numerous African news articles for,, and Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology. Nations include Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Sub-saharan region. Many articles focused on AIDS catastrophe.
  • frequent contributor to
  • blogger for World Futurist Society
  • frequent contributor to IEET – Institute for Ethics in Emerging Technologies
  • weekly columnist for
  • frequent contributor to
  • top writer for Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology 2011-2012
  • “Odd Barking” – weekly metro columnist for
  • “Urban Animal” – weekly pets & animals columnist for
  • “Frisco Utopia” – weekly columnist for SFMetropolitan
  • “How-To” – columnist for
  • “Civic Stench” – political columnist for North Mission News
  • “Uncivil Servant” – metro columnist for
  • contributor to, San Francisco Bay Guardian,, SFMetropolitan

Performance Art (venues performed in - selected list)

  • P. S. 122 (New York)
  • Dixon Place (New York)
  • Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Hallwalls Arts Center (Buffalo, NY)
  • Long Beach Convention Center
  • Burbage Theater (Los Angeles)
  • Drama Club (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  • Tulane Exchange (Albuquerque)
  • The Gypsy, (Las Vegas)
  • Fairmont Hotel (San Francisco)
  • Actor’s Theater (Santa Cruz)
  • WORKS (San Jose)
  • Beyond Baroque (Venice)
  • Highways (Santa Monica)
  • Attic Theater (Hollywood)
  • Cowell Theater (San Francisco),
  • Theater Artuad (San Francisco)
  • The Marsh (San Francisco)
  • Paseo de Stella Auditorium, Monteverde (Costa Rica)

Keynote, Speaker

Grants & Awards

  • Transhumanist Survey - funded by Terasem Foundation
  • “Longevity Meme Contest” - funded by Maximum Life Foundation
  • “ Gas, Grub & Grammar” poetry tour — funded by Mouth Almighty, Mercury Records
  • San Francisco Poetry Slam Co-Champion
  • Artist-In-Residence, Djerassi Foundation, Woodside, California
  • “The Anarchist’s Vomit” performance funded in a film by Witter Bynner Center for Poetry
  • “I Wanna Future” (performance art) funded by Zellerbach Family Fund
  • ” I Wanna Future” funded by Fleischhacker Foundation
  • “Miracles of the Flesh” (performance art) funded by New Langton Arts
  • “Miracles of the Flesh” funded by Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art
  • “The Flight” (Super 8 film) funded by Davis Arts Commission
  • “Poo-tai-toi” (Davis Literary Anthology ) funded by Davis Arts Commission


  • “Poetry Allowed” (documentary, Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  • “Anarchist’s Vomit” (comic slide show, University of Prague, Czech Republic)
  • “Anarchist’s Vomit” (comic slide show, University of Mexico City)
  • “Sally” (comic slide show, The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Germany)
  • “The Green Man” (screenwriter, American Film Institute)
  • “You Be The Judge” (Layers magazine, shortLeash Productions)
  • “Natasha, You Thought I Was Gay” (
  • Cannibal Dance Party (Paseo de Stella Auditorium, Monteverde)

Teaching (Selected List)

  • “Debate” - Piedmont High School
  • “Certificate in Transhumanism” online course via
  • “Certificate in Brain Health and Social Policy” online course via Brighter Brains Institute
  • “Debating BioEthics” (Kittredege School)
  • “The Comic Monologue” (UC Berkeley Extension)
  • “Grantwriting for Creative Artists” (San Jose State University)
  • “Grantwriting for Creative Artists” (California State University, Northridge)
  • Grantwriting for Non-Profits (Skyline Community College, Fort Mason Center, Beyond Baroque, Highways)
  • “Finding Your Comic Voice” (The Writing Salon, San Francisco)
  • “Subversive Humor” (New College of California)
  • “The Art of Comedy ” (guest lecturer, San Francisco State)
  • “Text & Image” (guest lecturer, Art Center School of Design, Pasadena)
  • “Performance Art” (guest lecturer, California College of Arts & Crafts)
  • “Performance Art” (guest lecturer at Cleveland Art Institute)
  • “Solo Performance” (The Writing Parlor, San Francisco)
  • “Solo Performance” (San Francisco Buddhist Center)


  • BA History, University of California at Santa Barbara
  • MA Humanities/Religious Studies, California State University at Dominguez Hills
  • “The Intelligent Brain” - taught by Dr. Richard Haier, University of California, Irvine
  • Grantwriting for Non-Profits - UCLA Extension
  • Grant writing for Individuals - UCLA Extension
  • Fundraising: How to Connect with Donors—Philanthropy University

Charity (selected list)

  • $5,810 raised via GoFundMe for BiZoHa Orphanage (world’s first atheist orphanage)
  • $5,085 raised via GoFundMe for Biba Kavass Student Clinic (Kyarumba), and Embrace Global Change Clinic (Nyakiyumbu)
  • $2,675 raised via GoFundMe for De-Worming Uganda Children campaign, Kasese Humanist Primary School
  • $1,085 raised via GoFundMe campaign for Kayrumba Carpenter’s Workshop for AIDS Orphans, Kyarumba, Uganda
  • $1,802 raised via GoFundMe for Kikoy Dresses for Uganda Orphan Girls campaign
  • $3,100 raised via GoFundMe campaign for Genesis “Chicken Farm” - COISER Orphanage, Jinja, Uganda
  • set up Pellissier Science Laboratory #1 (Kasese) and Pellissier Science Laboratory #2 (Kyarumba)
  • set up Eric Oliver Clinic #1, and Eric Oliver Clinic #2 (Kyarumba)
  • set up Biba Kavass Student Clinic (Kyarumba) and Embrace Global Change Clinic (Nyakiyumbu)
  • team leader - “Computer Training School in Masaka, Uganda” campaign for Indiegogo,
  • team leader - “Swing Sets for Rural Uganda Orphanages and Schools” Indiegogo campaign
  • $250 donated to Kasese Humanist Primary School, Uganda
  • $60 donated to Kyarumba primary schools, Uganda
  • $50 donated to Kyarumba orphan for school tuition, Uganda
  • $6,800 donated to Mangyan tribal people on Mindoro island, in The Philippines, to purchase 7.5 acres of land for subsistence farming.
  • $1,720 donated to Mangyan tribal people to buy bell peppers seeds, fertilizer, and tools, for their bell pepper farm.
  • $265 donated to Mangyan tribal group to build a web site to solicit funds.
  • $165 donated to Mangyans for school supplies
  • $420 donated to Mangyans to pay teacher salaries at San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy
  • $235 donated to DIY-Soylent crowd fund drive to send product to Mangyans
  • $50 donated to the “De-Worm” the Mangyans Project
  • $160 donated Ruwenzori primary schools, in Uganda
  • $200 donated to COISER orphanage in Jinja, Uganda to feed orphans
  • $2,000 donated to “La Escuela de los Amigos” in Monteverde, Costa Rica, to provide scholarships
  • $500 donated to Cloud Forest School, Monteverde, Costa Rica, to purchase art supplies, to provide yoga to teachers, and for a scholarship fund
  • $250 donated to the Kinder program in San Luis Abajo, Costa Rica, to pay the teacher’s salary for five months.
  • $3,000 donated to the Karen Women’s Organization to build a preschool on the Burma/Thailand border
  • $1,000 donated to “Apoyo Tarahumara” to deliver corn & beans to the Tarahumara tribe of Chihuahua, Mexico.
  • $600 mini-van donated to Apoyo Tarahumara, to deliver corn and beans to the Tarahumara.
  • $900 contributed to the Washoe Tribe, a Native American group near Lake Tahoe.
  • $600 given to Filipino Children’s Educational Foundation, for high-protein snacks at four day care centers in slums in Quezon City
  • $780 given to Mangyan tribal people in The Philippines to purchase eggs & milk.
  • $300 given to Karen tribespeople in Myramar (Burma), for high-protein snack food at daycare - The Literacy Development Foundation
  • $104 donated to Friends of Kakamega, a Quaker orphanage in Kenya. This amount will feed 200+ orphan children for two days.
  • $125 given to Fiji Aid International, who forwarded the money to the Dilkusha Orphanage, near Suva, Fiji.
  • $100 given to Hogar Infantil la Gloria, an orphanage near Tijuana, Mexico. A bag of children’s clothes was also donated to this
  • $104 sent to “Kiddie Center” – preschool in Canlaon City, Negros island, The Philippines to feed malnourished children.
  • $100 donated to Cambodian Children’s Fund, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - a safe house for 240 orphaned, abandoned, or abused children.
  • $125 of food (sardines, Spam, condensed milk, etc.) sent to Day Care Center of De La Paz, on Bohol island, The Philippines.
  • $125 of food (sardines, Spam, condensed milk, etc.) sent to orphanage “Sunshine Home” in Tagbilaran City, on Bohol, The Philippines.
  • $125 of food (sardines, Spam, condensed milk, etc.) sent to the Bohol Crisis Intervention Center, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, The
  • $550 donated to the Mangyans of San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy, in Mindoro (for school sponsorship program)
  • $1,920 raised via solicitation of friends, for Mangyans school school sponsorship program)
  • $500 raised via solicitation of friends, for “De-Worm the Mangyan” Project
  • Donated clothes to Mangyans, postal cost $80

Reviews (as “Hank Hyena”)

  • “a quirky, witty writer, with a knack for the provocative twist… grotesquely comic… kinky… hilarious” San Francisco Examiner
  • “two of the better representatives of the 90s shout-it-out school of poetry are (Reg E.) Gaines … and Hank Hyena, who must have fun in a live room doing “William, I Giggled with Your Girlfriend” New York Press (10/27/99)
  • “shocking, inspired…nortorious Brat Icon…absurdist humor, with a cogent political analysis” San Francisco Weekly
  • “perversely charming… delightfully outrageous… amusingly graphic… an appealing performer…” San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Hank Hyena is an original media performer stamped with the charm of authenticity… He uses elaborate props and sculptural additions to describe what can happen when modern living and bodily functions careen out of control…. a Dadaist one-man-band intermedia.” Artweek
  • “giddy agit-prop cabaret…” Wall Street Journal
  • “Hank Hyena is fun to watch…” Oakland Tribune
  • “infantile glee and political savvy… trenchant and witty… charming… his manner on stage is eminently comfortable” San Francisco Bay Times
  • “pithy, grotesque, breathtaking… a master practitioner of the slideshow form…” High Performance
  • “Hank Hyena is a very amiable, unpretentious performer… had the audience screaming for mercy (and for more)” Daily Californian (UC Berkeley)
  • “I squirmed and squealed, laughed and leered, and nearly wet my pants on three separate occasions… very real anxieties about bodies and emotions took on comic proportions… amazingly funny and hip.” Cal Aggie (UC Davis)
  • “MIRACLES OF THE FLESH” by Hank Hyena is a superb collection of funny short stories… The one about the fruit fly was so funny, with such a joyous happy ending, I read it thrice. Nine out of ten stories are terrific… Damn fine writing. — ZINE WORLD, spring 1997
  • “Hyena’s slideshow skits and songs leave you howling hysterically…” THE CITY
  • “MIRACLES OF THE FLESH… a great collection. In the style of Eric Bogosian these stories capture the dark side of human nature — all sorts of weird fetishes and bizarre fantasies infect this book. It’s sure to disturb and delight. ” — FACTSHEET FIVE
  • ‘DRINK! DRINK MY COLOSTRUM! DRINK!’ That’s Hank Hyena’s maniacally pregnant wife taunting him just before breast-feeding class, and he’s not quite sure whether he’s grossed out or turned on. Hyena manages to pass on some worthwhile tips for expectant mothers before succumbing to a severe case of what he calls breast-feeding envy. As always, his essay for is hilarious. – Health Daily
  • “Hank Hyena was insanely funny and would do — and write about — anything you asked. Literally, anything. I thought he deserved a medal.” editor Matt Honan interviewed by
  • “Hank Hyena, Daniel Ferri, and Patricia Smith offer up quality poems…: Jack Magazine
  • “everything that is wonderful about dada – Hank Hyena’s brilliant baby-doll short, Anarchist’s Vomit, about an Italian peasant who will do as he pleases or retch in your face” — San Francisco Weekly
  • “Hank Pellissier relates, with touching humor, the story of impregnating both his wife and a lesbian friend and the emotional turbulence the pregnancies evoke.” — Publishers Weekly
  • “one of the funniest performers I’d ever met”—The Book of Books, by Jimmy Jazz


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