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Garama Secondary School - will soon be our Humanist Partners

Posted: Sat, June 18, 2016 | By: Past Projects

(this letter was emailed to Brighter Brains Institute by Nekaye Stella)

Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation is a local NGO working in Mitooma district and also in Kisinga Sub County only in Kasese District. In Kisinga sub county were working with 30 women groups in promoting sexual reproductive health, safe abortion, gender equality and Orphaned girls, we also trains girls on reusable pads and economic empowerment (Village Savings and Loans Mechanisms) for women and education for girl child.

In promoting these issues MIWODIF-UGANDA support schools like Garama secondary school to coach children on sexual reproductive, sexual girl child rights, safe abortion, gender equality, making reusable pads, connecting the schools to donors to get tools for vocational trainings. We believe that when information is impacted in children it becomes a seed that will germinate and spread to greater heights.

Garama Secondary school is day mixed school privately owned by husbands to women of MIWODIF UGANDA because men whose wives are members of MIWODIF UGANDA are treated as associate members.

It’s a rural village secondary school, it has children from rural poor families, it has number of 306 children where girls are 145 and boys are 181.

The school has 10 teachers who are poorly paid, and they keep on moving away looking for green pastures. The school has 25 orphans whom MIWODIF UGANDA has been supporting with the little funds it mobilizes from donors but at times it’s not enough to meet school fees and the basic needs.

The school has a challenge of water, electricity, salary to pay teachers because the parents can’t afford paying school fees. Most of the parents and families round that school can’t afford three balanced meals per day, those that afford a meal is poor meal. Most children go to school and spent whole day without a meal.

The school does not have clinic to treat children and the nearby hospital is Kagando hospital but treatment there is very expensive, Maleria is treated costs at almost 75 dollar to 80 dollars for admission cases. The school does not even have laboratory equipment’s and classes need renovations. The school is dominated by the Bakonzo tribe.

We kindly the school be supported and the parents because they are very needy. And as Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation (MIWODIF UGANDA) we will work with Brighter Brains Institutes to make sure it adopts the Humanist Principles and it becomes humanist.

If funded, we shall make sure that all the funds are accounted for and photos are sent to you and all reports are submitted in time when needed.

For the mine time we can use the same camera of Muhito Humanist Girls Secondary to take photos and the phone which you are going to send me.

We will be grateful to you as you also mobilise funds for the Garama Secondary School and I promise you, we must work together to ensure poverty eradication and Humanist principles among this two areas

Thank You

Nadeya Stella



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