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Garama Humanist Secondary School sends Thank You and Request for additional Needs

Posted: Mon, January 02, 2017 | By: Past Projects

The management of Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation (MIWODIF) and Garama Secondary Humanist School appreciates your generous support towards the needy women and Children. you have supported the piggery project that will improve the economic Standards of women and children, you opened Joycelyn Elders Clinic

which you have supported with reproductive health e.g supplying condoms, implants, fistula operation for five women who are happily living a better life now and given some cloths , AFRIpads, medical supplies like testing kits, Medicine, paid salaries, provided food, water tank, Mosquito nets, supported sexual education, mobile phone, dignity camera, supported the printing of humanist principles to hanged in classes among others.

Your support has improved the standards of women and children, the community has understood the importance of being humanist because you have done what others have never done in our life history and we are proud associating ourselves with other humanists.

The children and women you’re supporting are very happy and appreciative, we believe when you come in June 2017 as Hank Pellissier had earlier communicated you will confirm these words as you meet them.

However, being humanist in Uganda you have to face a lot of challenges from the religious, cultural and political leaders. But because of your generous support we were able to overcome them in 2016.

Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation (MIWODIF) AND Garama Secondary Humanist School is moving forward to better standards because it has water tank, Joycelyine Elders Clinic, Piggery project, good feeding of children, sponsoring 6 orphaned children, supporting women’s dignity and gender equality by supporting fistula operating and giving cloths to some women, preventing Malaria, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and giving good services to the community. This has increased women’s and Children participation in organisation activities, the academic standards of our children has also improved because of your support and we are also expecting the number of children to improve this year 2017 because of the quality of services you’re providing them.

MIWODIF has experience increasing number of women who wants to become members as well as humanist and this is brought because of your generous support.

However, for 2017. we would we would like to expand our services to other members of the community and have all the women and children be coached in humanism and spread to other areas.

We need to have clean and well treated drinking water, more preferably have gravity piped water from the mountains.

We need to have more AFRIpads and 100 more mosquito nets for new children that will be join garama humanists.

We need to have more orphaned sponsored.

We need to renovate the existing classes to look better and give better learning standards of Children.

We need electricity for night studying and solar for reading at night because all the children uses candle to affect their eyes.

We need to construct Joycelyn Elders Clinic since we have been using one of the offices and the laboratory

We need to test our new children with Hepatitis B and give vaccination to all children.

We need to have duck and Chicken projects to improve the economic standards of women and parents since they don’t always die and it self sustaining.

We need loans on zero or low interest to carryout agro- business, educating children and household improvement.

We need teachers Salary for motivation.

We need to buy school bus for transporting children for study tour.

We need to have school garden for farming to improve on the food.

We need to develop database to improve documentation since it is not easy to truck all our donors fro BBI.

We believe in your cooperation and 100% delivery to the beneficiaries as we have worked with you and others who funded us.

we pledge timely reporting, transparency and accountability for 2017.

We also apologise where we have not worked to your expectation to kindly pardon us in this year new 2017, we hope to improve.

Thank you

Biira Cathy Charity


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