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FUNDED! We raised $3,100 for COISER Orphanage’s “Genesis Chicken Farm”

Posted: Sat, November 08, 2014 | By: Past Projects

Our GoFundMe campaign drive supported by multiple organizations raised $3,100 in just two-and-a-half months for a “Genesis Chicken Farm” project that will enable COISER Orphanage to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

the orphans are thrilled with their egg-layers
the orphans are thrilled with their egg-layers

Two hundred fast-growing chicks are cheep-cheep-cheeping right now in Jinja, Uganda. The orphans at COISER are fascinated by the baby birds! The 27 children here lost their parents to AIDS, accidents, violence, imprisonment, or the children were abandoned due to poverty.

Multiple groups and individuals collaborated to raise the funds. Top participants were:

Mormon Transhumanist Association (Utah) - Huge contributors! Multiple members of this techno-progressive LDS organization donated $50-$100, and many more “bought chickens” for $25.

Microfinance in Action” - social activist students in economics classes at Southwind High School (Memphis, TN) taught by award-winning teacher Biba Kavass. This vast network brought in over a dozen donors.

Northminster Memorial United Church in Flin Flon, Canada, with Pastor Alex McGilvery. This warm-hearted congregation near the Arctic Circle kept giving and giving. They don’t have any daylight up there, but lots of generosity.

Brighter Brains Institute (Piedmont, CA) Several speakers from the Transhuman Visions conferences poured in their money - thank you - futurist-philanthropists!

+ dozens of generous individuals like Valerie Cormier, who donated $500 - and Vicky Johnson, who tossed in $250.

Are you a would-be benefactor who feels remorse now, because you didn’t get to donate on time? Don’t worry - there are numerous other charity opportunities. For example, you could help out Ugandan orphans who want to survive by learning skills at a Carpentry Workshop for AIDS Orphans. Click HERE to give what you can.


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