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FULLY FUNDED!  GoFundMe for Humanist Handicrafts at Pearl College reaches its Goal

Posted: Mon, May 14, 2018 | By: Pearl College (Uganda)

​Last week’s GoFundMe has reached its goal - the Humanist Handicraft project for Pearl Women Group has received sufficient funding.

The project is described below:

Pearl Women Group is an Ugandan women’s collective connected to the humanist Pearl Vocational Training College, in Nakatooke Village near Masaka.

Pearl Women Group has 42 members, 25-80 years old, from 11 villages.

The Humanist Handicraft project will make unique and customized products with the humanist symbol.

BUDGET (in Ugandan shillings)

a. Beads 100,000/-
b. Obutiti 30,000/-
c. Hard Papers 60,000/-
d. Varnish 200,000/-
e. Office Glue 30,000/-
f. GATTER 40,000/
g. Guase Wire 50,000/-
h. Back Cloth 300,000/-
i. Amaliba 150,000/
j. Ensasa 100,000/=
k. Enjulu. 50,000/-
l. Wood Beads. 200,000/-
m. Paper Cutter. 150,000/=
n. Hooks. 35,000/=
o. Stoppers. 25,000/=
p. Olukoba ( Measure). 10,000/
q. Zipu (zippers) 150,000/-
r. Obuso 50,000/=
s. Transport to Market 160,000/=

TOTAL: $560 US


Pearl Women shall produce 100 small bags, 100 big bags , 100 bracelets and 100 hats in the first three months. The small bags will be sold at 15,000, big bags will be sold at 25,000 and hats will be sold at 8000/ each and bracelets will be sold at 1000 each. A total of UGX will be earned 4,900,000/= and the total profit earned will be 2,100,000/= after three months of working on this project.

The project will make an overall profit of UGX 8,400,000/= ANNUALLY. $2,227 US


The community will get free training as Pearl Women do their work. They will also buy materials from local women.


a. 40% of the profits will be reinvested back into the project at the end of each month after all costs have been deducted.

b. 40% of the profits will be given to members as loans at an interest
of 5% each month after a grace period of one month of taking the
loan. The loan should be fully paid back after 8 Months (which includes one month of Grace Period) of taking it and a member will be entitled to get another loan after making full loan re payments

c. 20% of the profits will be shared by the members every after end of the month.


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