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Friends of Buhanga - Australia & Albany Friends of Buhanga - what they’ve done for the village

Posted: Mon, March 20, 2017 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School

by Meredith Newman Debens

What we have done in Buhanga, from Australia, is all on our Buhanga Women’s Facebook Page.

Buhanga has also received great donations from Albany Friends of Buhanga.

Books are directly sent from Bookwitty, whenever I order some in relation to the syllabus or at the moment, the Science excursion.

We sponsored the Science Excursion, (Kerry Mills, Kerry’s mother and I)

The class texts for the teachers bought from MK Publishers (it gave them copies when they previously had to borrow from a nearby school). One copy of each required for syllabus support.

Kerry Mills and her mother sent enough funds to purchase shoes for children without any. About 50 pairs of shoes and socks for the children (in general),

Kumaran Reddy (of Winnipeg, Canada) and I organized library bags for the Future Path class with the printing done by Archangel, material from Kyarumba, sewing by Emelda and organization by Victorina Kabugho (Chairperson of the Buhanga Thuligamhuma Women’s Association) and Masereka Sebastian (Secretary of the Buhanga Thuligahuma Women’s Association).

Children at Mother Giver's School with Donated Shoes
Children at Mother Giver’s Humanist School with Donated Shoes

Kerry Mills has sent by sea mail a parcel of t-shirts.

I have sent by sea mail a 10 kg parcel of books,

I have sent educational charts (about 10) by air mail , though I don’t know if they are there yet.

Emelda is making 4 more cushions for the reading corner. (lions and river frieze).

Today I collected a stamp (the old type used to mark property) which says


which will be used to identify the ownership of books/charts and it - after stamping all the books / resources I have here, will send it to Sebastian.

A 10 kg parcel books is about to be sent to Buhanga along with the charts not already sent ! ie 2 parcels of books and 2 parcels of charts in total.

I made name tags for the bag hooks so that kids are surrounded by written language ! The name tags are printed on adhesive sheets and there are enough for 80 kids !

Warthog in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Warthog in Queen Elizabeth National Park - will be viewed hopefully on the Science Excursion

We have planned to buy 20 dictionaries, 20 picture dictionaries, 10 atlases as soon as the excursion is over. MK Publishers are the source of these.

We are also considering after that, sets of educational charts to support class teaching. These are also room MK Publishers.

I also have material purchased here to send to Uganda to make more library bags and a heap of cushions.

What else ?

I have sent a book by conventional airmail - the 27 th Annual African Hippopotamus Race. and the teachers notes to supplement it.

I have re-vegetated the hillsides of Buhanga with omotuma trees and soon, seedlings of miritibi trees.

We organized Pico King Solar Lights also.

I also asked for a quote to paint the floor in the Future Path Class .

I sent the photo book of the building of the Future Path Class and then arranged for a smaller copy to be printed so that a copy could remain with the school. The first copy returned to the office for safekeeping.

And of course - the Queen Elizabeth National Park Science Excursion very soon — March 22 —

We are hoping for masses of photos and we plan to make a professionally made photo book ! Sebastian will be sending photos of the children in the park to us attached to emails.


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