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Food Donated to Families of BiZoHa Day Scholars

Posted: Sun, July 17, 2016 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

A generous donation was made to the families of the Day scholar children they sponsor at the Bizoha Campus.

The donation was done in good faith as a way to boost on the nutritional needs in the pupils homes and still as a gesture that sharing is very important with people who are less fortunate. The donation will benefit 6 families where each of the family will get supplementary food for duration of 6 months and each to receive some mosquito nets.

As a measure to ensure these foods are not misappropriated the school will be availing the food in rations every month to the concerned families. The food covers maize flour, cassava flour, rice and beans.

Since we are in a harvesting season for maize, I purchased 7 bags of maize having removed from the cobs and tomorrow I will be taking the sacks for milling and thereafter six bags will be realized. The beans and rice were purchased on Friday at the open door market at the border of Uganda and Congo where beans are relatively cheaper now.

With effect from next week, the food distribution exercise will commence, the beneficiary homes were notified about it during the day we had the parents meeting at BIZOHA Campus some a day ago.

Special thanks go to the generous donors for their thoughts to care about nutrition in Uganda homes. I think actions are better than prayers. That action of generosity symbolizes Humanism in action.

With Science, we can progress.

Attached are some of the snap shots of some purchased items.


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