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Fishing Nets Purchased for Kahendero Humanist Boat

Posted: Mon, March 27, 2017 | By: Kahendero

Fishing Nets Purchased for Kahendero Boat

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Fishing nets to be used by the fishermen to manage the Ana Sanchez are being put up together.

I procured the nets in Kasese Town with assistance of the boat driver accompanied by the Manager contracted to oversee the fishing works and ensuring everything is moving in the right direction.

The net size is 4.5 and we shall be catching large sized fish. 4.5 size is currently the recommended fishing net.

Special thanks to Davida Lecomte for dedicating her funds to these nets. This means in very few days we shall kick start the fishing exercise.

Special thanks too to Chai Garcia for having donated the Ana Sanchez Boat which is a great asset to the Bizoha Project especially the Kahendero Humanist School.

Attached are some images of the fish net build up exercise.

From lakes or rivers, we get fish, sand, papyrus, water, trace elements and minerals or still they can be used for tourist purposes. In this regard people can get money from them.

Science & Reason rocks!

To donate to the Kahendero school, chip in any thing here & special thanks.…/

With Science, we can progress.


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