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Fishing Boat for Kahendero Humanist School is Finished - Donated by Chai Garcia

Posted: Sun, February 19, 2017 | By: Kahendero Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Big shame to our enemies who thought that we get money for our progress from the waters.

It comes from generous donors or people like you who have a heart, compassion, passion to support people doing constructive things in communities as we improve lives.

We are debunking the misconceptions by showing the masses that proper usage of lakes, rivers or water bodies can be a source of wealth. From lakes we get water for drinking, washing our clothes, irrigating our fields, tourism purposes, getting fish to eat or sell. We also get sand for building, papyrus for mats, crafts and the muddy soils nearby are good for the pottery business.

Kasese Humanist and Bizoha initiatives is challenging religious zealots and fanatics who are confusing locals that money can be sourced from the waters using magic. You can fool people but you cant fool them all the time.

Proper usage of lake resources can pave one to success and being wealthy.

Attached are some of the images as i picked the procured boat with funds donated by Chai Garcia, a United states Citizen who wants the Kahendero School to be self reliant and self sustaining.

Our pupils and staff will have plenty of fish and monies to support the school achieve its goals.

Join us as we fight poverty, disease,backwardness, ignorance and irrational superstitious beliefs. Actions speaks louder than words.


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