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First Parent’s Teacher Meeting at BiZoHa

Posted: Fri, March 25, 2016 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert

As religious Zealots were busy commemorating good Friday, at KHPS – BiZoHa Campus, we held the first ever Parents Meeting.

Close to 63 parents turned up for the meeting which lasted for 4 hours. It commenced at 10:30 AM run up to 2:30 PM.

Opening the meeting was the School Head Teacher Ngabirwe Phiona, as per the Agenda, the Parents were made to tour the school buildings, the school land, Thereafter they came back to the meeting room which was Dr. Bruce Chou classroom which is rather spacious.

A mention was made about the school as in academics, school uniforms, finances and the way forward to taking the school to another level.

General introductions of all participants in the meeting was made.

The school Director thanked the parents for supporting the school and encouraged them to learn, love all the initiatives he is putting in place and encouraged parents to entrusting us with the Children.

A mention was made about the school , its foundation, vision, mission and aims and objectives, The Director talked about the enrollment, Sponsored children who constitute Boarders and Day Scholars, Humanism and science.

The Director mentioned also about what the word BIZOHA means and what it entails, I elaborated how I came up with that name, spilled the bean first about how I have been hearing romours and misconceptions about my school activities and taught them real freethought, Science and Reason.

The meeting was so lively in that the parents felt convinced about the whole project and sent a warning to the people of Muhokya to focus on the service delivery of the school to the pupils. KHPS taught the parents about how belief in magic and superstitions spoils everything, they were also taught about Humanist Principles and encouraged locals to learn more about humanist values and how best and safe they are for humanity.

A mention was made about the school programs like vocational skills training, music dance and drama, computer skills training and gardening.

A mention about the Clinic, Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand , what is being done there, Bizoha Farmland and the Tractor.

Refreshments were served.

Parents presented questions and appreciations but in general Appreciations took the order of the day. They also took a glimpse at the Contributors wall.

The School Bursar read a brief report in regard to the incoming funds from local and international parents.

All in all, the Parents appreciated the Child Sponsors for supporting their children while those with children pledged to inject in more funds for school fees, uniform and scholastics.

In general the meeting was a success, parents pledged to send in more children to study in a school that does not discriminate along religious or cultural norms’

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM.

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Attached are images of the just concluded meeting at the Bizoha Campus.


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