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Film Show at KHPS, Thanks to Speakers provided by Eric Oliver

Posted: Sun, March 08, 2015 | By: Past Projects

by Bwambale Robert

Today 24th February 2015 at the Kasese Humanist Primary School Rukoki campus, we had a film show - Guns, Germs and Steel - which was about colonial influence, mixed cultural interactions and mutual interdependence by the colonial masters and the developing world.

We also watched briefly some video on Auckland Zoo where the children enjoyed looking at animals kept in zoos and were thrilled about the care accorded to the animals. It was a learning experience as the students got lots of ideas on the importance of animals, why we as humanity care about them and the logic behind all this.

We told the children that we as humans are part of the animal kingdom but each of us has a role to play in this wider universe, we belong to the species called homo sapiens which entirely means intelligent animals, we live domestic lives, we explained that some animals are domestic and live with us while others are wild and stay in the wilderness.

The films were at the same time testing our just acquired Speakers, an Amplifier donated to us generously by a Eric Oliver, a member of the Pellissier Family.

Eric is supporting an Art and Music Program at the school that aims at uplifting exposure of talent not only for KHPS ORPHANS and Children but also for the people of Kasese who have a great love and passion for Music, Art and Drama.

the "Movie Theater" at KHPS
the “Movie Theater” at KHPS

Other items like a Music Keyboard and drums have also been purchased for the school by this generous donor. We also acquired Art Supplies from Kids Heart Kids, a US based Charity which will also be used in the art Program.

The Teachers and general staff and students at Kasese Humanist Primary School salute Eric Pellissier for supporting this noble cause.

Attached are some of the images showing today’s developments.

speakers purchased by Eric Oliver
speakers purchased by Eric Oliver


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