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Exciting Brighter Brains Institute Projects that Need Funding Now

Posted: Thu, October 29, 2015 | By: Mini-Projects

​Brighter Brains Institute offers many thrilling opportunities to charitable people and organizations who want to contribute in a meaningful and personal way.

We presently have 8 clinics in western Uganda, that provide free health care to over 1,200 children. Any generous individual or community group who wants to “start their own clinic” can do so, via Brighter Brains Institute. We will find you a school or orphanage that has a room where the clinic can be set up.

For approximately $1,500 per year the clinic can be staffed by a medic, and enough medicine can be purchased to care for up to 200 children per year. The clinic will be named after you, the benefactor; for example: “Dorothy Smith Clinic.” You will receive regular updates on what diseases are being treated (Malaria, Peptic Ulcer, Respiratory Diseases, Parasitic Worms, etc) and photographs of the children being served.

At the present time we are looking for new benefactors to assist two clinics: the Embrace Global Change clinic, that serves the 125 orphans at Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage, and the Biba Kavass Student Clinic, that serves the children at St. Thomas Nursery School in Kyarumba.

We also need additional funding for 200 children at the H+ Clinic in Bwethe, a small impoverished village in the Ruwenzori Mountains.

You or your group could also set up a special classroom for a subject that you care about. In Kyarumba, three organizations set up a “Science and Literacy Centre for $1,000. One individual set up a Music Classroom in Kyarumba for $800, and another established a Creativity Laboratory in Kasese for $900.

If you enjoy technology, you could purchase a solar panel for one of our -off-the-grid projects. And of course - the children always need food! We are trying to set up free lunch programs, provided by all the clinics.

Many of the orphans are also barefoot. For very little money, $1 - $2.50, you can provide shoes or sandals for the orphans so they don’t suffer from pinworms.

You can also provide scholarships, for orphans seeking to transfer from Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage School, to the far better rated Kasese Humanist School.

BiZoHa Orphanage and Orphanage School also needs funding. This is our most ambitious project. BiZoHa is a secular orphanage and school in Muhokya, near Lake George, in western Uganda. The orphanage presently has 16 children, with plans to expand up to 175. To help BiZoHa, you can donate money to build an entire classroom for 60 children, with your name on it, for only $1,000.

There are many orphans at BiZoHa that need sponsors, as well, for approximately $125 year. BiZoHa gladly accepts smaller amounts as well, to feed the orphans, and to pay the orphanage staff. BiZoHa has its own website HERE, and you can find a full description HERE.

Please look around our website here at all the fantastic projects individuals and groups are doing with us. We’d love to have you help too!

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