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Eric Oliver Creativity Club at Kasese Humanist Primary School - Update August 1, 2016

Posted: Sat, August 06, 2016 | By: Kasese

Grandevergreat Itungo, a local musician working hand in hand with the Eric Oliver Creativity Club crew at Kasese Humanist Primary School today visited our Rukoki Campus.

It was a nice evening time during games time when the School Director arrived at the school with the musician , from the school office, Grande was toured around the school campus and shown some of the things going on within the school.

Grandevergreat Itungo was amazed by an array of posters hanged on the school walls all sending unique secular messages plus words for thought some adopted from great people who have changed this world to the better. The musician gave to the pupils a sample of the music he writes and sings. All this happened inside the school Main Hall where a section of pupils converged to feel and dance to his music. The School Director welcomed Grande to the school and introduced him to the pupils who later made a performance together with the children.

Kasese Humanist Primary School is working with Grande in a project aimed at promoting Science & Humanism through Music. This means Grande as a song writer will work out with creative teachers and pupils at the school to create poems, write songs, sing songs and allow the children to create songs from their experiences and shoot out clips in our journey of tapping talents from members of the Eric Oliver Creativity Club.

The project will not only promote the pupils of Kasese Humanist Primary School but our major aim is to give our local musicians a platform to promote their career through singing songs with content that is factual not imaginations or dreams. Its unfortunate that most musicians on the local scene sing songs that promote hate, fear , anxiety and with some words that depict impossibilities.

Grande will compose more songs on human rights, basic freedoms, corruption, no to wars, dangers of belief systems and how divisions among believers poses a great danger, love, education, domestic violence, magic & superstitions and how they pose danger to humanity, job creation to mention but a few.

Attached are some of the pictures of Grandevergreat with the pupils at the KHPS Rukoki Campus.

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