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Eric Oliver Creativity Club at Kasese Humanist Primary School

Posted: Sun, March 08, 2015 | By: Uganda

by Bwambale Robert

At Kasese Humanist Primary School, an Arts Program is in motion and our children are engaged in Music, Dance and Drama, Fine Art and Weaving , Modeling and Pottery, and composing poems and riddles.

This creativity is brought to you by Eric Oliver Creativity Club@KHPS. Eric Oliver of California funds this project by ensuring learning materials are in place to boost child creativity and innovations.

weaving class
weaving class

On 4th March 2015, our children participated in a Weaving lesson where the children made several items like math sets carriers, money purses, school bags, and table mats.

Such skills are good as they prepare a child to know something extra to what is taught in the classroom, it might also serve as a source of income in future.

Kasese Humanist Primary School in conjunction with the Eric Oliver Creativity Club@KHPS has also purchased for the school a Music Keyboard!

We tested the Keyboard on our acquired amplifier and music speakers and everything was perfect.

We are very lucky to have a music teacher at the school, Mr. Kategaya. We are very proud of him volunteering his time to teach KHPS children how to play the keyboard and the techniques that it entails.

Music is part of us in good or bad times.

The Eric Oliver Creativity Club also bought some drums which are yet to be delivered to the school.

At KHPS, we aim to produce children who are well-rounded, without dogmas, without indoctrinations, without nonsense!

Attached are photos of our acquired keyboard, purchased for us by Eric Oliver.

We thank Eric so much for supporting uplifting the talent of Arts, Music and Creativity in our long journey of generating children with a free mind.

The Eric Oliver Creativity Club is also producing videos.

HERE is a link to a video one on DropBox, it shows KHPS students dancing and singing about “With Science, We Can Progress.”

HERE is another video, it shows handing out eggs for nutrition, and teaching math in the process. The class teacher has started distributing an egg to each child, as our program of giving children eggs in order to improve on their diet. These children are happy to receive eggs, and we believe that when they are healthy, a healthy body will make a healthy mind and will improve on their brightness. We thank our funders for giving to this program, to ensure our children’s health will improve.

Eric Oliver is also running a GoFundMe campaign to raise more money for the Creativity Club. You can contribute to that HERE


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