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Eric, Bob and Cindy Pellissier Sponsor an Epic “Kyarumba Raffle & Feast” in Western Uganda

Posted: Tue, December 29, 2015 | By: Past Projects

Six hundred residents of Kyarumba, Uganda, were treated to a “this has never happened before” experience on November 19, 2015, when three Pellissiers (Eric, Bob, Cindy) - plus Eric’s fiance Courtney Oberholser and his friend Gordon Furbush - sponsored a massive feast and raffle party for three local schools.

The students and faculty members of Vision Care School, St. Luke’s Nursery School, and Rays of Light Orphanage School were the guests of honor.

These three schools all have clinics sponsored by either Eric or Bob, and the Pellissiers decided they’d highlight their 4-day visit with a sumptuous banquet and giveaway.

Kyarumba residents worked all day plucking, chopping, and cooking 150 chickens for the main course. Additional menu items were yams, watermelon, Irish potatoes, greens, bread, and beans.

Leftovers were handed out to envious local children who were eyeing the delicious chow from behind a high-walled fence.

A 90-minute raffle and clothing give-away dominated the entertainment of the event. Dozens of necessary and luxurious items were handed out by Bob and Eric - everything from toddler sandals to boom-box radios.

Absolutely everyone who attended the event got a prize, due to a huge truckload of clothes the Pellissiers purchased.

The festival was meticulously organized by Joseph Kasibirehe and Mama Teddy.


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