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Entrepreneur Workshop Report from Ruti Women Roadside Vendors

Posted: Thu, April 26, 2018 | By: Past Projects

facilitated by Justus Asasira

The workshop was conducted on 23rd April 2018 in the afternoon from 3pm to 6pm. In this workshop I took the women’s group through record taking and taking inventory of the items they sell in their business.

In the workshop, I asked the participants to tell me how they measure performance of their business. They explained how they get profit on each and every commodity they trade in.

new roofing is needed for their market stalls
new roofing is needed for the market stalls of the Ruti Women Vendors

They narrated that they don’t take record of what they sell, buy, and deal in and they can hardly measure success of their business. In the workshop, we explored the different mechanisms on how they can learn to take records. The women have children who are school going age, some have older children. They suggested to learn from their children. A half of the women in this group went to school, know how to read and write.

The women who deal in selling of various food stuffs and other items like firewood, charcoal, cooking stoves (charcoal stoves), vegetables, fruits like pineapples, passion fruits, lemons and oranges earn between Uganda shillings 10000 and 25000 (total sales) per day. When computed well, they make profits of less than 5000 Uganda shillings. This is far below the standard business.

How the women make profit is by increasing the price of a commodity by a certain percentage. For example a pineapple that is bought at 1000 Uganda shillings is sold off at 1500 Uganda shillings.

The women attributed to the low earning form total sales per day to lack of capital to invest in their business. They are committed to improving the standards of living through providing quality education, good feeding, and seeking quality health care to their children.


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