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Entrepreneur Workshop for Bugaari Rwanika Progressive group in Kanunugu

Posted: Thu, May 03, 2018 | By: Women’s Equality

By Robert Magara

This workshop was a move to educate an organized group of both women and men to make them rich out of farming, or any other economic activity in the area - to get them out of poverty.

The iPROSPER workshop took place on 21st April 2018 at Jinja Trading Centre, Rugyeyo Sub County, Kanungu District.

The Bugaari Rwanika Progressive group was started in 2014 by the women whose Chairperson is Jane Kyomuhendo with the aim of working together, keep peace and progressively educate our children.


The 58 participants of this group in the workshop were empowered to identify several project ideas and each of the participants finally settled on the three projects;
I trained them how to make project plans and guided them through the process to get their projects started.

  1. Sorghum growing
  2. Irish potatoes growing
  3. Tailoring

I trained them how to manage a project or business and the book keeping, showed them several record books, using business record information books, payment vouches, receipts and invoices.

I again shared with them how many entrepreneurs have failed due to failure to manage or respect time.

I talked about starting a project as a Humanist, emphasized that religionism should not interfere in their businesses because a project/business must remain an independent entity and that we are the ones that determine the successful destiny of our projects.

I advised them that profits should be injected back to their businesses or start new projects to make it grow, they should always save, that profits should not be donated to gods or God for whatever reason.

I then cautioned them to desist from witches and believe in superstitutions in order to establish successful projects.

I told them that whatever rich or wealth they are bound to generate depends mainly on their efforts not on any form of religion, witches or superstition.

Majority of them identified small businesses they are interested in like sorghum growing, Irish potatoes growing, piggery, many of them mentioned sorghum growing, irish potatoes growing because all these take a few months to the harvest to reduce the food insecurity common in their homes.

Thanks to the BBI for supporting this training. We were able to prepare lunch food and drinks that was given to all the participants and stationary that made the training meaningful.

All were excited with the new knowledge. It was worth my energy and time. They gave me a gift of a new T-shirt with their name, logo written on it.


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