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Entrepreneur Workshop at Pearl Vocational Training College - 72 Participants

Posted: Fri, April 13, 2018 | By: Past Projects


Today; I was able to train 72 participants in Entrepreneurship skills at Pearl Vocational Training College. The participants were Pearl Students; Pearl Tutors and members of Pearl Women’s Development Group.

The participants were empowered to identify several business ideas and each of the group’s finally settled on one project:

1. The students selected “One Life Entertainment Crew” which will see them utilise their Music, Dance and Drama skills and earn money out of it.They reasoned that they have the experience and passion in doing entertainment since they are still youthful and enjoy when they do.They need more financial support to make their crew better.

2. The Tutors selected rabbit farming and gave several reasons why they will be able to do it for income generation.

3. The women group selected Art and crafts making and reasoned that given their two years experience in doing the business they have enough skills and passion to continue doing it. They simply need some financial support to make better quality products and produce enough for the market.

I took them through project identification; business analytics and we went through SWOT Analysis; I took them through business costing calculations of all direct and indirect expenses as well as profit analysis among others.

I trained them how to make business plans and guided them through the process to get their business ventures started.Each team came up with a winning plan and made presentation at each level.

I then trained them the art of business management and book keeping and showed them several record books including Purchase Record Information Book,Payment Vouchers; Refund of Travel Expenses Book, Receipts and Invoices

I also taught them how to effectively and efficiently manage their businesses and how to make realistic deadlines.

I talked about doing a business as a Humanist or Secular person and emphasized that gods shouldn’t interfere in one’s business because a business must remain an independent entity and that the person behind the business must be in control of their business and will determine its successful destiny.

I emphasised that business capital should be guarded jealously and shouldn’t be donated to gods or God for whatever reason. Profits should be injected back into business to make it grow.And persons must separate business from themselves.

I gave each group copies of my 2007 entrepreneurship book: “HOW TO START THAT BUSINESS; A handbook for Successful African Entrepreneurs”

The training was spiced up by group presentations and assessment and evaluation. The team looks forward to implementing their projects.

Thanks to BBI for supporting this training.

We were able to transport the elderly mothers (our dear mothers) coming from Nzizi village and we gave all the participants food and drinks and stationary to make the training meaningful.

All are excited with the new knowledge. It was worth my energy and time. Iam happy serving my people.

The pictorial is a summary today’s work.

Thanks for the support.

Moving FORWARD together.

Kato Mukasa 13.04.18


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