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Enrollment is Soaring at BiZoHa and Kahendero Humanist Schools

Posted: Fri, February 10, 2017 | By: BiZoHa (Uganda)

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Our enrollment at the Bizoha & Kahendero School has shot up and i have placed an order for more furniture to be made at the school sites with effect from tomorrow.

Big shame to our enemies who think people can be fooled all the time. 21st century does not tolerate lies, we stand for truth, justice. No dogma. No indoctrination. No fairies & No Superstitions.

I today spent some good time at the Bizoha Campus and the Kahendero Humanist Primary school. Images attached.

Its a total blast, am so thankful that the people of Kahendero and Muhokya have not adhered to the false allegations propelled by self seekers in the Authoritative world who think they can smear my works which are in black and white. Our enrollment is shooting up at all our campuses, i guess after people realizing that our enemies are just doing smear campaigns.

Whatever i do is documented and what Humanism means is also noticeable and well explained at almost any corner on my properties.

One enemy of development, whom i guess is not happy with Science & Humanism was caught on camera spreading lies to locals, we do have scores of enemies of this sort whom i think are fighting a losing battle since Humanism/Science is not a religion, neither am i against religion but i think its people’s right to know more about religion and why it was invented.…/local-priest-uttering-lies-abou…

Thumps up to the people of Kahendero, Muhokya and Rukoki for standing bold by giving a blow to ignorance, poverty, disease and irrational superstitious beliefs. We are not satanic or devilish as the religious zealots allege but we are together fighting the wrong acts in society or communities so that we have a peaceful, just world. Kasese Humanist condemns all acts of belief in magic and superstitions, we are against rituals or any sort of sacrifices. We are also not happy with the divisions and confusions among religious groupings, all we need is Humanity to unite and confront challenges and devise solutions to those challenges.

With science, we can progress.


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