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Embrace Global Change Clinic report - Nyakiyumba Widow’s Association

Posted: Fri, April 22, 2016 | By: Past Projects

Since the term started, the folllowing are some of the conditions/diseases that we have so far received at the clinic which are indicated in the table below;

Malaria 16 children, 1 adult

Respiratory Tract Infection—- 37 children, 4 adults

Peptic Ulcers—- 16 children, 3 adults

Urinary Tract Infection—- 0 children, 1 adult

Wounds (septic)—- 2 children, 0 adults

Typhoid—- 1 child, 3 adults

Eye infection—- 2 children, 0 adults

Hypertension—- 0 children 4 adults

Hernia—- 1 child, 2 adults

Skin infection—- 4 children, 0 adult

Dysentery—- 1 child, 0 adult


The second leading disease in our community is peptic ulcers, caused by spending the whole day on an empty stomach. Malaria is also very common in our community. Two diseases not listed that are a threat to us are Hepatitis B and breast cancer.


We thank you for you timely, tireless assistance.


We request more funding through linking us to partners to raise funds for the clinic, in order to get anti-malaria drugs, malaria test strips, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS strips, and have mosquito nets to help reduce malaria.

Long Live Brighter Brains Institute and its members and partners.

sincerely yours,

Kambasu Zedekia, clinic attendant


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