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Elina Kultanen - Visitor from Finland - at Kasese Humanist School

Posted: Thu, March 30, 2017 | By: Volunteer

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Today at the Rukoki School, Bizoha School Muhokya and at the Kahendero School, we hosted a friend from Finland who is on tour of the region.

She had heard of Kasese Humanist Initiatives online and was so much concerned to at-least take a glimpse and visit our projects.

The visitor is Ms Elina Kultanen who came a long with some special gifts to the children at both Bizoha, Rukoki School and an Envelope to the School Director.

Our children at the Rukoki School received a huge package of fruits which constituted passion fruits, pineapples,mangoes, oranges to mention but a few. The pupils were so thrilled and happy with the gifts.

On my personal behalf, i was so honored hosting this lady from the Scandinavia who showed a generous heart of sharing, passion, compassion and above all morality. We chatted at length and applauded her about my research i have about their country FINLAND where the majority there are secular people whose minds are free from the spaghetti monsters and flying sky daddies, spirits of some sort and fairies.

We also visited briefly the Kahendero Landing site on Lake George which is a few metres from the Kahendero School.

Her visit was brief and it lasted for about 5 complete hours and on behalf of Kasese Humanist School, Bizoha School and the Kahendero Humanist School, i wish Elina the very best and look forward to hosting her again in the future.

Attached are some snapshots covering Elina’s visit at our schools.

Truly Science & Reason rocks, With Science, we can progress.


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