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Eco-Huts are built to support Kahendero Humanist Primary School

Posted: Tue, February 28, 2017 | By: Kahendero

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

A local artisan and builder has been contracted to work on construction of Hut #1 at the Kahendero property.

The huts will generate an income that will strengthen and empower the Bizoha School in Kahendero to become a self sustaining good school.

Its to be constructed using bamboo as poles, rids, mud, stones, rafters, spear grass and some timber peels.

The hut is part of several huts intended to be constructed on our Kahendero property as a way to raise more finances that can boost our school develop to another level. Our intention is to create a self sufficient, reliant school that can be in better position to meet all its needs so that all our staffs remain happy, we too also wants our parents to realize good returns from the support they extend to educating their children with us.

The Kahendero property boarders Queen Elizabeth National park and each night wildlife roams around our school hence this puts it at a better site to favor tourists view the animals at dusk till dawn.

To support us in our campaign of eco huts, visit this web link and get involved. Thank you.…/

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