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Dr. Bruce Chou Classroom - Update #1

Posted: Tue, April 28, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert

Our works on building the Dr. Bruce Chou Classroom was slowed down by the heavy downpour that has showered places of Muhokya and Kasese neighborhoods for the last two days.

We had to rescue the walls from collapsing as you might have noticed that we use locally available material Muram instead of Cement. We normally use cement to plaster off the walls for maximum strength and longevity of the building.

Well, we solved the loss by adding a coat of roughing the entire walls with cement and it worked out. We plan to put the beam ring on the structure come tomorrow.

I procured stone or aggregates to help in making the ring beam, use the stones on the flooring and making a veranda on the first house plus the Dr. Bruce Chou Classroom.

You can check some of the images of the classroom as it looks now plus a glimpse at the crops at the BiZoHa Site.

Worthy mentioning is a GoFundMe campaign for BiZoha that is running now, you can get involved and support us in any way so that we realize our dreams to serve more and better. The link is


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