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“Doctors & Engineers Without Religion” are funding to secularize Orphans in Uganda

Posted: Tue, May 05, 2015 | By: Humanism

California physicians & engineers who are non-believers are helping Ugandan orphans and impoverished children, via the Brighter Brights Institute (BBI), a charitable nonprofit in the SF Bay region.

Dr. Bruce Chou, an anesthesiologist at Oakdale General Hospital in the San Joaquin Valley, recently donated $1,000 to build the “Dr. Bruce Chou Classroom” at BiZoHa Orphanage, in Muhokya, western Uganda. The classroom, made of bricks with a wooden roof, is large enough to accommodate 60 students. Built, in total, for only $1,000. (Labor costs are very inexpensive in rural Uganda)

Dr. Bruce Chou
Dr. Bruce Chou

BiZoHa Orphanage is the world’s first atheist orphanage. It’s only two months old; it was launched after a GoFundMe campaign raised $5,820 in just 29 hours.

Dr. Chou receives his personal “channel” on the BBI website, where progress on his classroom is documented. After the structure is built, photos and articles will be placed there of orphans studying, and other activities.

Engineers are also major contributors.

Bob Pellissier - CEO of RKI Instruments in Union City - has helped the western Ugandan orphans in multiple ways. His first contribution was setting up a “Pellissier Science Laboratory” at Kasese Humanist Primary School (KHPS) - the only secular, non-religious elementary school in Uganda!

Pellissier Science Laboratory serves as a clinic for the 280 school children; it treats them for malaria and other diseases, and provides “de-worming” medicine to combat intestinal parasites. The total cost of the clinic was an astoundingly low $1,880 - this includes medic’s salary, medical supplies, medicine, furniture, and the “Pellissier Science Laboratory” sign.

Bob Pellissier
Bob Pellissier

Pellissier also set up the “Pellissier Science Scholarship for Orphans Fund.” This program enabled four orphans from the nearby Nyakiyumbu Widow Orphanage School to relocate and attend the far better KHPS. The orphans - Masereka Godfrey, Muhindo Kapite, Mbambu Kalondero, Kabugho Pesi - were required to take an admission examination to test their science skills; their marks outperformed more than thirty other contestants.

Pellissier receives regular reports of their progress in school via emailed copies of their school reports and exam results. Each child sponsorship cost him $125 per year for their room & board, and $125 per year for their school tuition.

Pellissier also purchased 45 pairs of shoes for all the orphans and impoverished children at KHPS who needed footgear. Additionally, he sponsors “Pellissier Science Laboratory #2” in a nearby mountain town - Kyarumba. This clinic serves the 164 children of the non-denominational Vision Care School.

His channel is busy with humanitarian activity!

Brighter Brains Institute hopes that other engineers and physicians will follow Bob and Bruce’s example, and donate funds to help educate and care for Ugandan orphans and impoverished children, in secular institutions.

If generous doctors and engineers want to help children thrive, plus they enjoy seeing their name on a building… BiZoHa Orphanage is a great place to contribute.

BiZoHa needs a Health Clinic, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Boys Dormitory, Girls Dormitory, Soccer Field, Playground, Tool Shed, Coffee House, Visitor Hostel, and three more Classrooms. The children there also need sponsors.

All contributions receive a Tax Deductible Receipt, due to Brighter Brains Institute’s nonprofit, 501c3 status. Contact for more info.

BiZoHa Orphanage construction
BiZoHa Orphanage construction


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