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Do-It-Yourself San Francisco Bay Charity helps rural Uganda children

Posted: Wed, December 30, 2015 | By: Mini-Projects

Brighter Brains Institute is a non-profit SF East Bay charity that builds schools, orphanages, clinics, and provides food, shoes, books, clothes, tools, and musical instruments to children in the Ruwenzori Mountains of western Uganda.

Tired of donating money to NPOs that are “black holes”?
Want your donation to go to a project that you can be deeply involved in?
Want to buy shoes for barefoot kids in a rural school, and receive a school photo?
How about rice for malnourished orphans, or a music program? Soccer balls?
Want to buy medicine, establish a clinic, or build a school classroom, with your name on it?
How about a scholarship for an orphan boy or girl?

We offer exciting options for individualized giving… anyway you want to help, we’re happy to assist you.

Donating through Brighter Brains Institute lets you take control of your donation destination.
We provide intimate, individualized do-it-yourself charity services that benefit poor children.
Take a look at the variety of our projects at! / / 415-309-3505 / @brighterbrain


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