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Ted Peters “De-Worms” 140 Mangyan Children!

Posted: Mon, October 20, 2014 | By: Philippines

There are 140 Mangyan indigenous children at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy in Mindoro, The Philippines, and they ALL HAVE WORMS (intestinal parasites). In The Philippines an estimated 70% of children have worms, but in poorer areas with tribal people the percentage is considerably higher.

Intestinal parasites are extremely debilitating to Mental Health - it is estimated that children lose 3.75 IQ points every time they are infected! Additionally, the worms are dangerous to Physical Health. In June, a two-year-old girl at San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy was hospitalized with a fever; she was so full of worms they were coming out of her mouth and nose.

The First World finds it incredibly horrible that large worms exist inside human bodies - but the reality is, 1 billion people worldwide have worms. Worms are revolting ! In the First World, we spend millions of dollars getting our pet dogs and cats de-wormed, because we care about their health, and worms disgust us.

It is very sad that humans anywhere on this rich planet have to live with hundreds of worms writhing in their intestines. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Ted Peters - a Lutheran professor who teaches at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley - donated all the funding necessary to de-worm the 140 children.

Sally Melendres - director at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy - consulted with a doctor at the Hospital of the Holy Cross in Calapan City. He suggested that the Mangyan children use either Combantrin or Antiox, in syrup form (instead of pills). Combantrin is cheaper, but the doctor recommends Antiox instead.

Antiox kills the worms and their dead forms are expelled from the rectum.

Combatrin impels the worms to exit the body alive, via “parts of the body like ears, mouth… they can even come out from the skin.”

We don’t want happening, so our choice was to buy Antiox. The active ingredient in Antiox is Mebendazole.

Antiox can be taken in the morning or before bedtime. For effective results, the recipient has to avoid “sweet, salty, and fatty foods.” The child will receive the medicine every six months.

Every Mangyan child received a bottle of the Antiox medication. The total cost of 140 bottles was 23,135 pesos, i.e. $528 US dollars. Only $3.80 per child.

Sally Melendres “de-wormed” all the children on July 3, 2014.

Thank you Ted Peters for helping the Mangyan children live better lives!


Information about parasites in The Philippines can be found HERE


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