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Davida LeComte Donates Funds to Feed Children at Mother Givers Humanist School, in Buhanga

Posted: Mon, May 16, 2016 | By: Past Projects

​The children in Buhanga are hungry.

Brighter Brains Institute learned about this two days ago, via an email from the Buhanga Womens Collective. After the First Humanist Principle was read to the children at Mother Givers Humanist School, the instructor (Masereka Sebastian) asked the students if they had any questions.

One of the first questions was, “When will the Brighter Brains Institute send us food to eat?”

This poignant query immediately stirred Davida LeComte, one of BBI’s primary funders.

(Davida has sponsored tuition for numerous students, plus she sponsored the Happy Humans Classroom at BiZoHa, and the Kitchen/Dining Room at Kahendero Nursery School, plus AFRIpads, furniture and other items. A full list of her contributions is cataloged here, plus… her partner Darren Muise funded the 3-mile pipeline that recently delivered fresh water to Buhanga)

Mother Givers Humanist School
Mother Givers Humanist School

Davida wanted to feed the Mother Givers students, so we sent a query to Kabugho Victorina, BBI’s newest Board member. Kabugho informed us what the cost to provide a lunch program to the 221 students would be. She described what the food items would be - corn meal, beans, tomatoes, onions, salt, oil.

Here it is:

Maize flour 25 kgs
beans 16 kgs
salt ½ packet
Tomatoes 1 bundle
Onions 1 bundle
Cooking oil ( organic palm oil ) ½ liter

Davida quickly PayPaled BBI enough money to feed the children for 72 school days, plus the wiring fee. That will feed the children for one-third of the year! Wonderful!

Brighter Brains is committed to feeding the children for the remainder of the year, via donations, orphan sponsorships, and collecting restaurant coupons from merchants that we resell to supporters.

Davida has also suggested that BBI try to find a sustainable way to feed the children - we’re pondering the possibility of starting a goat farm, to provide milk and meat protein to the children.

Thanks Davida, for your generosity, initiative and advice!


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