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Darren Muise sponsors BiZoHa Orphan and a Day Scholar

Posted: Tue, March 15, 2016 | By: BiZoHa

Darren Muise of Montreal has sponsored two children who are attending BiZoHa Orphanage School.

One of the children is an orphan - Darren is sponsoring that child’s tuition at the school, plus he is paying to room and board this child at BiZoHa Orphanage.

Additionally, Darren is sponsoring a “Day Scholar.” This means he is paying the tuition of a child who is attended BiZoHa Orphanage School, but is not living at the hostel.

Uganda has a high rate of orphaned children, due to parental death from AIDS, civil war, accidents, malaria and other diseases. Many children are also abandoned because their parents are imprisoned, or they are too impoverished to take care of their children.

BiZoHa Orphanage is “the world’s first atheist orphanage.” BiZoHa Orphanage School is one of only 5 schools in Uganda that offers a humanist education (Brighter Brains Institute assist three of them).

Darren is a generous donor who has also recently contributed additional funds, for other Brighter Brains Institute projects.

Photos below are of the BiZoHa orphans. The photos were taken during a BBI visit in November 2015.


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