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Darren Muise Donates $3,500 to Buhanga Women to Purchase Piping for Clean Water

Posted: Mon, March 14, 2016 | By: Past Projects

​Darren Muise of Montreal has donated $3,500 to the “Buhanga Women’s Association” in western Uganda. His generous gift will be spent buying pipes and equipment to bring fresh water into their village.

At the present time, there is no fresh water in Buhanga. The closest stream is three kilometers away. This acute inconvenience creates a high level of sickness in Buhanga, especially amongst the children, who drink stagnant water and get infected with diseases, especially diarrhea and parasitical worms.

Buhanga has no road access. The pipes that Darren has purchased will be carried by hand, by the villagers, up from the nearest road in the town of Kyarumba. The pipes themselves will be purchased in Kampala, the capital, seven hours drive away.

The Buhanga Women are a collective working for the betterment of their small community. One of their main endeavors is “Mother Givers School” - a PreK-4 school. Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) is helping this school out - we have installed a medical clinic that will provide free medical care to the children there. BBI has also installed a water tank at the school, to catch free rainwater from the school roof.

The installation of Darren’s gift will be recorded in photos at It will take a few weeks to install the piping.

The Buhanga Women have agreed to accept the Humanist Principles that Brighter Brains Institute seeks to promote in their area. A list of 10 Humanist principles will be posted on the wall of Mother Givers School, and BBI’s humanist representative in the area - Bwambale Robert Musubaho - will visit the Buhanga Women to explain our ideals.

BBI thanks Darren Muise for his generosity, for his gift that will immesely improve the health of this village, and for helping us promote Humanism in western Uganda, where it is deeply needed.

Photos of Buhanga Women, Mother Givers School, and the village below:


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