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Critical Thinking Workshop, John Mackey Preparatory School, Cape Coast (Ghana) April 11, 2018

Posted: Fri, April 13, 2018 | By: Critical Thinking



According to Ghanaian tradtion it is believed that when one sings when bathing his/her mum will die. As a reult of this it has kept many people from singing at shower especially children because they are afraid to loose their dear mum. Sometimes the children are being scorn or punished by their parents when they hear them singing at the shower because they fear to die. I personally experience this when I was 13 years. I was caned by my step mum and went to school with empty stomach and without money as a result of this non-sensical belief. I walked for about 5km to school and return back home on foot as well.

But the misconception behind this superstious belief is irrational and false statement which has been passed on from generation to generation.

David Osei
David Osei

According to scientific research,singing brings joy to many people and leads to an incredible benefits in our physical,emotional and social health. To some people the bathroom serves as an auditorium where they can sing and express their emotions.

Also many people sing in the shower because some bathrooms have surfaces of the walls hard mostly with wooden panels and lack of soft furnishings and this atmosphere creates a very resounding one to enrich their voices. Small dimensions and hard surfaces of a typical bathroom produces various kinds of standing waves, rumbling and echoing giving the voice depth.

Singing in the shower also is very refreshing. You may come out from there feeling energetic for the day already.

Furthermore, singing in the bath house brings back good memories.

Again, as stated above, it has a lot of positive, mental and physical heath benefits. It is arguably a better way, physically,emotionally and psychologically to start your day that you might not need your daily porridge with a slice bread or coffee.


I really like singing because it is my hobby. I do sing whenever i am doing my house chore because it helps me to do them without feeling tired. But in the bath house
I don’t sing because my parents will be furious with me.

I sometimes sing when bathing but whenever my mum caught me I gnash my teeth because I know I will be in a hot water for the day.

I used to sing at shower and no one punishes me but I stop as I was growing up because I realised that it is part of our tradition and I needed to obey it.

I now believe that singing at the shower will not bring any calamity to our mother. This is because our mothers used to sing lullaby when bathing us, even with my
younger brother as at now. So if they knew that they will surely die why do they sing to us when bathing us?

According to my understanding now, maybe we are not allowed to sing at the shower because it is an unhygienic place. Most of the bathouses in our remote areas or
during the olden days were full of spirogyra and unplesant odour bcause it is not tiled.

The teachers also contributed by saying that, we are not allowed to sing at the shower because of the chemicals in the soap. It might be toxic and harmful to our health when it get into our immune system. But after washing off our body we definetly believe that we can sing and nothing will happen to our mothers.

Others also said children waste a lot of time at the bathhouse whiles singing because the parent will be waiting for them to finish up and send them to school so that they can go to work on time. All the same I believed in this superstion but not any more because of this proof.


With the topic discussed above, the pupils now believed that singing at the shower will not cause their mother to die.

And from the scientific researched, it has been explained to them to know that singing boosts their immune system

singing is an exllent form of exercise as you move your body parts.

singing is a natural anti depressant; thus it helps to release the feel good brain chemical that makes you feel uplifted and happy.

also singing lowers stress levels.

again singing improves mental alertness and singing boosts our confidence.

At the nut shell both the students and the teachers complied and stood against the motion ‘’ when you sing at the shower your mother will die’‘.

The students were all instructed to go and spread the message when they go home.



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