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Critical Thinking Workshop, Futures Academy Complex, Cape Coast (Ghana) April 13, 2018

Posted: Fri, April 13, 2018 | By: Ghana



In Ghana the predominant work of our people are fishing and farming. As a result agricultural sector has been the major countributor of our GDP annually.

But then there has been some superstitious beliefs govering them. In Ghanaian societies, the tradition does not allowed fishermen to go for fishing on tuesdays. This is
because it is believed that the marine spirits and other creatures do appears on the sea at these particular days. So those days are meant as a sacred day for the marine spirits.

It was also believed that if any one dares to go for fishing on that day they will go and meet demonic creatures like mermaids(In our local language it is called Maame water) and mermen (papa water) or their canoe will be turned upside down by a big fish(whale).

Furthermore, it was also stated that they will see a white scalf folded on a stool signifying the gods or they might never return back home when they go for fishing on tuesdays.

Again, it was said that fishmongers are not allowed to wear flipflop and sandals to the shore or they shouldn’t cook at the shore because it drives away the fishes. These misconception about fishing has been carried on from generations to generations to the extent that even at this 21st century the fishermen still believe in them and none of them do go for fishing on tuesdays.

But according to research, the mythograhers and scientists have proved that there has no been any evidence which shows the existence of mermaids or mermen as they are used in folklores. They are all fiction as we see them in documentaries.

With that of the farmers too,it is believed that it is a taboo for farmers to go to farm on thursdays. According to our tradition is it also believed that the gods come out on these days to patrol on the land. Some also believed that the gods comes to enrich the soil and their crops. Nevertheless, it is also believed that anyone who challenge to go to the farm will meet dwarfs (evil spirits) which will carry them away and never return home.

But if it becomes possible for them to return home, they will become a fetish priest and serve the dwarfs.This has also been believed by the farmers and non of them dares to go to farm on tuesdays.

According to the study of science, the soil at it natural state contain some living organisms and decayed plants and animals which enrish the soil to be fertile. Also the
soil contains nutrients like ‘‘nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,molybdenum’’ etc which support plants growth. Even fertilizer application such as the dungs of animals can be used to improve the fertility of the soil.

So no gods come to fertilize our soil and support our crops to grow well.

Again there is no record which says a dwarf has carried someone away and the person came back home to be a fetish priest. All these statements are false and we shouldn’t confide in them anymore.


With this belief i want to know whether the sailors also get lost or see mermaid and mermen when travelling on the occean on tuesdays? If no then this belief is truely false.

How can the fishes be driven away when someone wears a flipflop or sandals to the shore? This is rediculous, infact science has really prove our ancestors wrong.

According to my understanding now,I think the day is meant as resting day for the fishermen and also to amend their nets, canoes and motors when they are at fault but not those childish stuffs.

We believed that the gods enrich the soil and help our crops to grow well but with this scientific prove, I will never and ever abide by this taboo if I become a farmer.

In fact the study of science is very important in life because it has made us to understand and know the world better. Also it has curb our believes in these superstious staffs.


We are really glad for BBI to send you to come to our mist to educate us about this suerstitious beliefs. We have all now get to realised that all those statement made by our ancestors were false statement and they just intend to create fear in us.

Now as we are living around the coast let us all go and spread the messages to our friends and family said by the students.


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