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Critical Thinking Workshop for Buhanga Women - February 2, 2018

Posted: Sat, February 03, 2018 | By: Past Projects

report by Masereka Sebastian

The workshop started at 9:00 am and ended at 3: Pm. It was attended by 41 people.

Charity catherine and masereka sebastian were the facilitators

It was about “Daily weather and climate change”. The question was Traditional doctors or rain makers control weather or climate change; is it true?

We from the participants found that out the Bakozo tribe believe that there is traditional doctors who can shade rain or who have influence over weather so that they can say that rain come and it rains, rain go and goes. That some can set off wind or dictate and make weather in any form. Those men are there in communities, people pay money to them if they want rain for their crops to revitalize or rain in case there is functions like matrimonial weddings or parties of any kind so that they are not disturbed by rains.

That there is a tendency of cleaning the communities to appease the gods in communities in case there is drought, food scarcity, mass wasting, and river floods. People collect money, White or black goats, hens, and sheep to be sacrificed; In this way the climate will change according to them.

They believe, there is god of rain, god of the sun, god of the mountain, god of wealth.(Kitasamba is one of the bakonzo gods)

Religiously, there is a tendency of making weather reliable by praying to God, That God gives anything, rain, sunshine, clouds, snow. The weather is because of God. People attend night prayers commonly known as overnights to make sure that God listens to them and change the climate or weather today or tomorrow.


We defined weather and talked about climate change and the following questions were answered.

What are the weather changes?

Why does weather change?

The above questions guided us to explain to the participants why there are weather and climate changes.

We defined weather as just the state of the atmosphere at any time; including things such as temperature, precipitation, air pressure and cloud cover. Daily changes in the weather are due to winds and storms. Seasonal changes are due to the Earth revolving around the sun.

What are the weather changes?

Climate change caused by human activities that emit greenhouse gases into the air is expected to affect the frequency of extreme weather events such as drought, extreme temperatures, flooding, high winds, and severe storms.

Why does weather change?

Weather is what is taking place in the air around Earth. Rain and snow are weather. Sunny, fair days are a kind of weather, too.

Three main things cause our weather to change. Heat, wind, and moisture cause changes in our weather. Heat comes from the sun. Places near the equator get more heat from the sun than places near the North and South Poles do. Land heats up quicker than oceans. Oceans hold heat longer, though, because land cools quicker than oceans do.

This uneven heating and cooling of different parts of the Earth causes winds. Winds move clouds from place to place. Clouds carry moisture that falls as rain or snow. Warm air can carry more moisture than cooler air can.

The above scientific explanations helped us to touch the minds of the participants to wisely judge what is true and false about weather and climate

We concluded by saying that to realize favorable weather and climate we need to:

· Be critical thinkers by going science and not believing in superstition as per say there is god of weather, god of rain, god of sunshine, god of wealth etc.

· We need to plant trees like fruit trees, agro-forestry trees in coffee gardens, banana gardens etc

· Protect natural resources, as water streams, swamps etc

· Stop burning bus and apply better methods of farming.

· Science is the answer to realize favorable weather or climate

· The participants should go and spread the knowledge learnt from the workshop to help different communities.

Idea for improvement:

· Participants thought that such workshops need to be organized to last for around 3 days so that there is learning much more.

· Other critical thinking workshops be organized to learn different ideas like birth control versus religious fringes etc

I have attached few photographs of the workshop.

Summarized by

Masereka Sebastian (Sec, Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group)


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