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Critical Thinking Workshop at Pearl Vocational Training College

Posted: Tue, March 27, 2018 | By: Uganda

Today has been a wonderful day as I took Pearl students in Critical thinking lessons following Leo Igwe’s literature with particular emphasis on INDIVIDUAL DOUBT. I was very much mesmerized with the audience’s active participation in answering questions on WHY DO YOU BELIEVE (A PARTICULAR THING)? as well as the many Superstitious moments they have encountered in life.

It was an interactive session with questions, answers and moments of brainstorming.

The students enjoyed the lesson and where happy for being enlightened on issues about Superstitions in Africa with particular emphasis on Uganda, gods, religions and other beliefs which ought to be thought of critically.

Special thanks goes to BBI for supporting our tutors and all the GENEROUS support given through HANK. Thank you so much…

To Pearl students, get ready to think critically after going through numerous interesting topics in IGWE’s book.
Kindly view the pictorial below as per our lessons and what transpired today.

I thank you.
Peter Claver Birimuye


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