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Critical Thinking Workshop at Muhammed Bulama Science Academy in Kaduna, Nigeria

Posted: Tue, April 24, 2018 | By: Nigeria

report by Abdulrahman Aliyu

At exactly 10am this morning I teach critical thinking course to the just passing out secondary school students at MBS science academy.

As usual Brighter Brains gives out the critical thinking course handout freely to more than 60 students that attended, and gives soft drinks, doughnuts as refreshment to each students as well.

The school is very welcoming and shows a deep sense of gratitude, and also shares the view that critical thinking course is very vital to the students for it will enhance the student in understanding how they ought to think and wishes that Brighter Brains will teach once more to other students.

The class is very inclusive of all the students, in terms of engaging them in questioning what they were thought or brought up to believe.

My emphasis to my students is for them not to submit to mental slavery ; They have to demand an explanation from whoever makes an assertion or presentation to them.

A particular student asked me if they have to question or challenge religion in same manner I explain to them. I told her, that if a particular religion claims to be truthful in all manner, then it shouldn’t be scared of being questioned or challenged. The burden of explanation is on whoever asserts.

So therefore every person should have the right for that individual doubt I presented in the 5 steps of idoubt module. In other word I told her she has the right to doubt all that’s been presented to her, to gather enough evidence to determine if it’s true or not.

I tried to be subtle in my approach, especially when we are discussing religion. But I urge them to not only doubt magics, witchcraft and charms, but should demand explanation from anyone that claims knowledge of such. I urge them not to give in to mental slavery, for none of them is a slave. Therefore they should demand clarification of some sorts in all subjects of life.

Lastly I can proudly say critical thinking workshop in the schools I have trained so far, is a success, for it’s being welcomed in open arms, by both the students and the school administration.


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