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Critical Thinking Workshop at Imran Model School, Maiduguri (Nigeria) - spirit hyenas do not exist!

Posted: Wed, June 13, 2018 | By: Nigeria

by Sadiq Modokura

Date June 12, 2018


Imran Model School is the school where the workshop took place, I firstly contacted the school director in request for the workshop, he then directed me to the school principal. Upon meeting the principal I introduced myself to him and he demanded to see my ID Card and a copy of the handout, which I presented to him. I requested and convinced him to include the workshop into the school’s weekly program. The management welcomed the free lecture, hangouts, and refreshment to the students. A class of 40 students, 20 from secondary school 1 and 20 from secondary school 2 was arranged and 2 hours allocated for the lecture.


The school management demanded to know aims of the workshop. I explained to them that the lecture note was prepared by Leo Igwe, a human right activist. The aim is to protect people from witchcraft, end superstitious beliefs and blind beliefs without questioning claims and statement of other people to find out the truth. During the lecture we had discussions and questionings with the students. I asked the class if there is anything someone told them they believe it and never mind to doubt it, one female student said that some people send prayers via whatsapp telling the recipient that if they do not forward it to other people a terrible thing will happen to them. Our discussions in the class made her to doubt that claim. One of the school teachers was listening to the lecture through the window, he then informed other teachers about the lecture. They started trooping into the class, almost distracted the class, arguing that it’s not every claim or statement we have to doubt.

Unfortunately, most of their teachers both Christians and Muslims are very religious and superstitious believers. One of the teachers who belongs to Marghi Tribe claimed that in their tribe some people have spiritual hyena called Gadzama, they can send the hyena to attack their enemies or anyone who annoyed them. If that hyena is injured or killed on a mission the owner - wherever he or she might be - is automatically injured or killed like the hyena, that teacher also claimed that he inherited such power from his father, I asked if he could show us his hyena but he couldn’t. After the class some of the teachers challenged me for over 30 minutes. However, I enjoyed their challenges , in every bit of their claim I was able to prove it wrong and they failed to prove it right.


A profound gratitude goes to Miss Joanne lequang and Mr Scot Delong and other people who contributed their quota to liberate individuals from superstitious beliefs, witchcraft and blind beliefs by preparing and financing the workshop.


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