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Critical Thinking Workshop at Halim Secondary School in Kaduna, Nigeria

Posted: Sat, April 28, 2018 | By: Nigeria

by Abdulrahman Aliyu

I taught the Critical Thinking Workshop to a final year class at Halim Secondary School, Kaduna, Nigeria.

This is the fourth school I taught the iDOUBT module created by Leo Igwe’s wonderful book. But first, I wrote to Halim secondary school requesting to instruct a critical thinking course, give a copy of the book to each participant, and cover the feeding of each student during the training, as Brighter Brains Institute will cover it all. So I was welcomed, and giving a class of 45 student to trained.

The lecture was interesting, for i focus more on religion, than the three previous school I taught.

I asked the class, if hell and heaven really exist ? Most of the student answered ” oh yes, it exist or offcourse it does.” Then I asked “how do they know ? “. I told them, they shouldn’t just take in any information, without questioning, analyzing, to gather more evidence on how true or untrue a statement is.

As I explained further a student asked why will they ignore the prophet muhammad teaching that asking too much, lead one to ruin, and accept the critical thinking lectures outline that no one should be naive but think critically before accepting any notion ? My respond to him is this; I told him, am not here to lecture them Islamic doctrines, far from it. I am simply interested in teaching them how to think critically, so as not to fall for deception, foolery, and other form of mental enslavement. But they have decide to be free or not, if one choose to be submissive in his or her life, no one can say or do otherwise to save them.

This class was so much more interesting, cause even the teachers in the school attended and were surprisingly happy with the subject. I was a bit scared to focus more on religion since majority of the students are Muslims and Christians, but to my surprise those kids seem to have lots of question regarding their beliefs. And I encouraged them to seek answers that make sense to them interms of evidence they require before seeing it as true or untrue.

Finally, the principal gave me his card and requested to pls teach one more class in the future.


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