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Critical Thinking Report from the tribal Buhid and Tadyawan Mangyans on Mindoro Island, Philippines

Posted: Wed, March 21, 2018 | By: Philippines

by Sally Melendres

Below is a list of superstitions discussed in the Critical Thinking workshop held in March, 2017, with the Buhid Mangyans.

1. Death of any member of the family - after burial the remaining members in the family must burn the house on belief that the soul of the dead as well as the bad spirits that caused the death was still in the house.

2. After burial - all villagers are strictly prohibited to use the same path that the bereaved family used so as to avoid another tragic incident that leads to death.

3. For any kind of animals - talking to any animal is strictly prohibited in order to avoid lightnings and thunders.

4. Sounds of “limukun” - this is a kind of bird. If someone hears the hum of “limukun” he/she must not go out of the house so as to avoid accident.

5. Insult - if someone from the community insulted anyone, he/she is obliged to pay him or her with the amount to be decided by the BUHID’S elders.

All these beliefs are being followed by the elders but the younger generations is gradually leaving it behind.


Superstitions from the Tadyawan Mangyans:

1. It is not good to play with animals. They believed that calamity or disaster follows after playing with animals.

2. On the death of anyone from the family - picking fruits and vegetables was not allowed because of what they call “dagta”.

of the fruit or vegetable. They believed that another member of the family will soon die onthat same week, month or year.

3. In burial - all of the personal belongings of the dead must be put innside the coffin of the dead person. If they refuse to do this the dead will comeback to the house, do troubles and will only stop doing troubles when the member of the family bring all his/her

personal belongings at the tomb.

4. Before closing the coffin and put it inside the tomb-the members of the family will make a fire near the coffin the young members of the family shall be crossed on top of the coffin of the dead by elders. This is to prevent any bad spirit to come to the house after burial.

5. Stepping on the tomb of the dead is strictly prohibited. They believed the tomb is sacred.


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