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Critical Thinking Report from Ruti Women Roadside Vendors

Posted: Thu, April 26, 2018 | By: Past Projects

The workshop was conducted on Monday 23rd May 2018 from 9am to 12noon. The workshop was attended by 5 women who compose this group. One of the women was not available on the day of the workshop.

The workshop was conducted in the local language-“Runyankole”. Justus Asasira facilitated the workshop and the women were able to understand the essence of the workshop. They explained some of the beliefs they didn’t know were disastrous to their business.

The women confessed that they give money to churches seeking favours. They were not in position to explain why they do it, and if they don’t do it what happens was never clear to them. The women agreed to stop giving money to Muslim clerics and Christian leaders.

“I have not been superstitious, but now I understand that I was” one group member explained how she has not been careful in making decision including spending more time in church praying, and paying tithe. “I now know that I should come back to my business and work hard and stop giving free money to church leaders.

“Praying can’t solve my family problem” all women in the group agreed with this statement when one of the members said it.

The women confessed that they don’t believe in witch doctors and they have not been to any. “I always hear people going there, and I ask them what they have benefited and they cannot explain”. “I cannot go there since there is no tangible benefit” one group member said.

“I didn’t go to school, instead of going to witch doctors, I pay the money to school and my children acquire education” one group member said. The other members explained how they have used their profit from the business to make a life change in their homes including buying household items and basic needs. This has brought about harmony and stability and they have reduced on the “lack of” some items which has been a source of violence.

The widows explained how they have focused on doing business to look after their children. Although they are faced with many challenges. They live on their businesses for survival yet their businesses are small. “How I wish such a business was expanded to enable me pay schools fees, afford household needs for my children and myself” one widow (group member) said.

The superstitions that the women no longer believe in are:

  1. That going to church all day can boom the business.
  2. That going to a witch doctor can make a business successful
  3. That giving money to local church leaders can bless our business.
  4. That if I did not go to school, my children should not go to school.
  5. That if one is not educated he or she cannot establish a business.

For sure the women have learnt a lot, this workshop has taught them many thing we did not know. Thanks to the facilitator Mr. Justus Asasira, and thanks to the Brighter Brains Institute


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