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Critical Thinking report from BBI’s new project in Cameroon

Posted: Sat, February 10, 2018 | By: Cameroon

Report on the Critical Thinking Workshop Organized by ESARDEF (Education for Sustainable and Rural Development Foundation) on Wednesday, February 07th, 2018

Theme: The New Generation of Critical Thinkers

The workshop was conducted under the theme: New Generation of Critical Thinkers. It had 14 participants all youths; 4 staff, 7 volunteers and 3 students on internship. Among them were; 4 males and 10 females.

It started at 9:30 am with a welcome note from the Executive Director of ESARDEF, who welcomed the participants and urged them to be active in all deliberations and exercises while not forgetting to express their minds as the workshop is centered on critical thinking. He expressed the joy of being the first partner in Cameroon to organize such from BBI. An outline of the workshop was given to the participants while 3 staff volunteered to act as facilitators of the workshop.

He presented on individual doubt and inspired doubt. Below is the summary of what we learned on Individual Doubt; Individual Doubt is the ability of all people to question and dispute notions and beliefs no matter the race or culture.

1) To doubt something is to view it as untrue. To doubt something means that you do not believe it. You require the information to be proved to you - you do not immediately accept it.

2) This was accepted as truism and reasonable for people to ask questions and not just easily believe what they heard.

On Inspire Doubt, the participants learned the following; They should not say ‘‘I Doubt’’ when people tell them information, rather, they should question why they belief in what they belief.

1) Each of them should use their brains to think critically as well as inspire others to think critically.

2) It is important to motivate, to stimulate, everyone to question their ideas, so that they believe ideas that are true and those falsify.

The lesson three and four was presented by Ms. Joy Kongwe.

Summaries were; on Inculcate Doubt,

1) They were told to praise and admire Critical Thinkers as well as celebrate and honor

2) Never punish or ridicule people who ask many questions because they are seeking the truth.

3) Asking tough questions leads to critical thinking as such they should engage more on it to know the truth from falsehood.

Presenting on Inform Doubt, the participant were drilled on the following key important points.

1) Express their doubts loudly so as to give others the strength to also say “I Doubt it, too.

2) The ability to voice out their doubts will help others to express theirs, but have been silent.

3) Be Critical Thinkers with pride and skeptics that use our brains to seek the truth, and encourage others to do the same.

4) Make the whole world know that they are Questioners, not Fools that believe anything they hear; which means anything subjected to any sort of world religion is not to be belief but criticize to find and get the real truth which can only be via critical thinking and questioning.

Ms. Joy Kongwe was so passionate in her two presentations and at the end she said ‘‘indeed we have to create the generation of critical thinkers to build Cameroon beyond all sorts of myth.

Finally, Mr. Lueou took the floor and presented on Internet Doubt where he drilled the participants on:

1) They were asked not to just accept anything they see in the internet as truth, rather when
they see such, they should put to play their critical thinking skills so as to get the truth
and be free from the falsehood.

2) Internet is the best platform to develop critical thinking because many people write junks of lies and make public for consumption. They should be critical to such.

Challenges Encountered

The number of volunteers and interns expected to attend the workshop was not met because they were out to evaluate some of our field work, and conduct feasibility studies.

We could not invite parents and other community members because of our in ability to meet up with logistics. Rather we focus on training our staff and volunteers to act as trainers in areas where our presence and activities are known for now.

Evaluation and Recommendations

All participants gave positive remarks about the workshop and recommended that such should be promoted regularly especially in rural schools where ESARDEF has been giving little aids for pupils and students to learn. They all emphasized the need to create ‘‘The Generation of Critical Thinkers’’

The workshop ended at 2:49 pm with a closing remark from the Executive Director of ESARDEF who laid emphasis on the need to promote critical thinking in all communities and schools. He called the interns to promote and spread the idea in their schools, local groups and to their family members. After the closing remark, food was served for all the participants, while attendance was conducted and photographs taken to make, and keep the day memorable, all these Thanks to BBI.


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