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“Critical Thinking & Humanism” workbook-in-progress is posted online

Posted: Sun, January 21, 2018 | By: Critical Thinking

​The “Critical Thinking & Humanism” workbook co-created by Leo Igwe and Hank Pellissier, has been posted online HERE for easy access.

The workbook is “in progress” - it is currently being taught by the Kanungu Humanist Association, in Kanungu. The director there will send comments and critique from himself and the 51 students to BBI,so that the current document can be improved.

The workbook will also be used at other humanist schools supported by BBI, in Buhanga, Kanyenze, and Nyakiyumbu.

Everyone who uses, or reads, the workbook is invited to offer suggestions.

Please do so! HERE it is again: https://www.brighterbrains.biz/critical-thinking-humanism-workbook/


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