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Critical Thinking at Kasese Humanist Schools

Posted: Sat, November 19, 2016 | By: Kasese Humanist Primary School

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Critical thinking lessons in progress at the 3 humanist schools. Africa needs critical minds if its to get out of its bondage of ignorance,poverty,disease and irrational superstitious beliefs. With Science, we can develop.

Critical thinking and Humanism lessons in motion at Kasese humanist Primary School Rukoki, Bizoha Campus & Graham Primary School.

Critical thinking at the schools is funded by “THE CRITICAL THINKING PROJECT- CANADA.” The sponsors of this organization facilitating the success of the lessons are Gail Miller and Dr. Christopher DiCarlo.

The critical thinking lessons are great tools that aims at broaden the minds of our pupils to greater heights since during these lessons they get the skills to doubt, explore, discover the truthiness of anything under scrutiny.

Critical thinking and humanism lessons go hand in hand in empowering communities to put up solutions to all the pressing challenges that humanity faces during his or her lifetime.

Human potential to design solutions to global problems is a great tool towards emancipation of humanity. Africa needs actions rather than just praying, we have the brains and its our role to use it meaningful for the betterment of ourselves, the wider biodiversity and future generations.

Great thanks and salutations to Masereka Solomon for who is teaching the Critical thinking lessons at the 3 schools. He is representing the Critical Thinking Program here; his salary and supplies are paid for by Gail Miller and Dr. Christopher DiCarlo, mentioned above.

At our schools we cherish evidence based learning, evolutionary science, critical thinking and a unified humanity.

Attached are some images of the critical thinking lessons.

With Science we can progress.


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